The woman gave birth to a baby with the appearance of the stranger and refused to breastfeed (18+)

The world was struck by the incredible story of the birth in India of a strange baby, which got the locals the nickname “Alien”. It is so called for its resemblance to a space creature from a science fiction movie by Ridley Scott, reports The Sun.

The baby was born without ears and nose, and his wide-set eyes strongly protruding from the orbits. The very next day after birth, he died. After the death of the baby, the woman said she couldn’t breast-feed him, when he “looked at it”.


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The child’s mother says that the child was born in a natural way, but when she saw him, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“I was so shocked that he could not dare to breastfeed him. We gave him milk with a spoon. He did just fine and slept but woke up the next morning,” she added.

The boy’s father said that the baby was “God’s will”.

“We didn’t even have time to take him to the doctors. We are heartbroken. But if he survived, what would life he lived,” he says.

The neighbors learned about the unusual appearance of the child, began to besiege their house, wanting to look at the “alien” child.

The news about the incredible birth spread through the websites of many of the world’s top media and got to the picture of the day worldwide. Internet users were affected by a strange disease and the amazing similarity to the movie character.