How to protect your belongings from theft during the journey

If you often use the services of airlines, you know what to take in Luggage is quite risky. And although you can’t prevent loss of bags, but to protect it from damage and the intervention of others you are quite capable.

To implement this simple life hack will need only one household item — plastic wrap — and a few minutes of free time. Take an ordinary plastic wrap and tightly wrap the trunk in three layers. You don’t even need the tape, as the tape sticks well by itself.


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This trick is able to repel the movers desire to rummage in your suitcase (or at least you’ll know exactly what someone opened it).

Almost all airports offer professional services by wrapping Luggage, but in this case you have to wait in line and pay a substantial financial contribution.

Recall, the British firm is now producing bags with a portrait of the owner.