How to lose bad habits and acquire useful

For three weeks to learn how to perform some action intuitive enough to repeat it for 21 consecutive days. Then you can see the result of their work, reports

If the new habit is really “gives its fruits”, then continue in the same spirit, and within 90 days it will finally take root. In order to manifest and control the power will make it easier, you can capture the daily action using the tracker habits – keep a diary of your progress.

Paper tracker habits

Tracker habits on paper can look like a table or a list with checkboxes – the choice is yours. The main thing – to specify the habit that you are working on and end point, so you can see how much time remains before the promised 21 days.

An example of a paper tracker. Photo: Clementine Creative

Remember that it is better not to introduce simultaneously more than three habits: each must enter into the everyday routine gradually, then the probability that it would be faster to accustom themselves to a new occupation increases significantly.

For example, you can draw the sign on the month to the left to indicate a habit, and the rest of the sheet to leave for daily notes. If we denote the action of the green circle and pass – a red, even a cursory look at the sheet it will be clear good for you this month or you should try more.

E-tracker habits

The same table can be maintained in Excel: make one template and then use it again and again. In addition to this obvious option, there are applications trackers, you may also like, if electronic method is more convenient.

To find such apps in the App Store and Google Play, type in the phrase “habit tracker”, “goal tracker” or “habit list”. For example:

  • “Goal Tracker & Habit List”, for Android, free
  • “Habitify — Daily Goals, Progress & Habit Tracker” for: iOS, free, premium version for 3.99 $

Expert opinion

“The first five days to motivate yourself to introduce healthy habit is not necessary. If you want to try something new – always have enough enthusiasm. More difficult when the enthusiasm is gone, and the results yet. That’s when it all begins,” says Alain burdeyny, trainer and consultant on healthy lifestyles and habits change.

Here helps the strategy of small steps. For example, I say to myself, “I’ll just wear sneakers and come out,” and then: “I walk”, then “Run 5 minutes” and then think: “Well, I, for five minutes to leave the house?” And continue to run. Same with foreign languages: “I only open to see what there asked,” then “Try to do the first line,” then “Finish already this part”, and then turn on and do.


  • Scientists called “devastating” for the body diet

Reveal a little, but very important secret: motivation comes to those who are already working. Want to be sometimesoonfan, take action, move a step, even if you don’t want, start the process. Unfortunately, sometimes people spend too much time trying to find the motivation, much more than required time to do what needs to be done. It is also important to remember and know his purpose for what you all do.

Habits that I like: learning languages, running, face care (morning and evening), writing their long-term ten goals every morning.

So as not to break and not blame themselves for failures, there is an algorithmthat works:

  • Stop blame yourself! Understand, fighting all the people. This is a natural process, especially if your life started stress band increased load at work or home.
  • Tell yourself: “Sometimes no reason to get upset”.
  • Keep doing what you were doing, as if the pause was not. Just keep moving on.