Tiger, floppy and the French smells: wonderful procurement at Prozorro

For more than a year in Ukraine, launched and successfully operates the system of public e-procurement ProZorro. During this time Ukrainians repeatedly surprised by the unusual purchases to government agencies. Recent case — in January Sumy city hall tried to buy a… monkey-Capuchin monkeys for 50 thousand hryvnia. It later turned out that the animal took to living area for naturalists. Experts trading platform Zakupki.Prom.ua participants ProZorro, especially for “Today” has prepared a list of non-standard, and sometimes quite unpredictable procurement…

ALL FOR ANIMALS. Monkeys are not the only animals that tried to buy through public procurement. So, the zoo of the city of MENA in Chernihiv twice unsuccessfully conducted a tender for the purchase of the tiger 110 thousand UAH. In addition, the zoo wanted to buy leopard, lynx and Cougar — also to no avail (as explained to us, the experts, the price of purebred animals starts from 30 thousand dollars, and “normal” can be bought for 30 thousand hryvnias). And only in December last year was able to purchase a Bobcat — 50 thousand hryvnias it was sold to the zoo by a private entrepreneur. But this zoo in January this year, held a tender for the purchase of 11 mats with timers to heat the frogs in terrariums, which, according to TK, “heated substrate, mimicking the sun-warmed sand in the desert.” For all the wonder-mats customer posted 18.8 thousand UAH. Also in March last year, the Kiev zoo was purchased on e-auction device to scare away dogs for 1 thousand UAH. And finally, the circus from Kharkov spent 155 thousand UAH for the purchase of meat to conduct circus performances involving wild animals.

ROBOTS AND FLOPPY DISKS. Other government institutions, according to the shopping list, hurry to keep up with the times. For example, students Kropiwnicki Lyceum “Victoria-P” is the user going to teach with… robotics! On purchase of 4 sets educational establishment has spent more than 65 thousand UAH. And the drama theatre. Franko bought a laptop Apple MacBook, the cost of which amounted to 66 thousand UAH (in this case a regular laptop can now be bought for 15 thousand UAH. — Ed.). However, increased interest in new technologies can not boast of all government agencies. For example, the Treasury just last year bought 40 packs antiquated floppy capacity is 1.44 MB in 4 ths. Despite the fact that it is already difficult to find a computer with a drive for such storage.

WHISKEY AND A HARMONICA. But the management of the Affairs of the Verkhovna Rada took care of the comfort in the hotel “Kiev” and purchased professional flavors on 78 thousand UAH. The customer insisted that the fragrance was a French production. So, for reception areas and vestibule bought the fragrance “White tree” restaurant flavor “key lime pie”, area on the 3rd floor-“Whiskey,” and for toilets has been selected fragrances “Tobacco” and “Seychelles”. The Department of culture and tourism, one of the regional administrations decided to entertain the guests otherwise buying a pool table along with all the attributes (cues, balls, lamps, and chalk). Expected value of the procurement amounted to 25 thousand UAH, but the tender failed due to the lack of proposals. Much more successful was the purchase of two two-row accordion “Tula accordion”. Starovyzhevsky RSA of Volyn region have acquired the tools to UAH 50 thousand. Now all the cultural events in Starovyzhevsky area are due in a big way.