Horoscope for September 24-30: the Lions need to fear megalomania and Fish it is time to repay debts

ARIES. Indulge in Autonomous swimming is strictly prohibited! It’s time to turn swords into ploughshares. In good faith pull a plow service, avoid actions according to the rule “divide and conquer”. The ability to compromise interests, to win the respect of wisdom and nobility, an iron patience and responsibility, will contribute to the strengthening of the spiritual frame and will help to lay the foundations of successful cooperation next year.

Rely on worthy (even Cox) and grind to Shine partnership. Your heart will samantaray mutual love and concern, shared spiritual interests. Now partner is your mirror, look carefully into it and make appropriate conclusions.

Cooperation with the Virgins is essential.

TAURUS. You no one abuses or uses in its own interests. Depending on the circumstances, other people’s resources, belief is a test of fate. With love and creative work for the fire service, follow official subordination, happily handle the additional responsibilities, podrabatyvaya on the side.

Now, you soldiers of the labor front, blessed be the worker for whom the request for assistance is a sacred obligation, the fee will be equivalent. At work and at home. The welfare of the family in the first place.

Stay Virgins.

GEMINI. Love and romance in the foreground, there is a Kingdom of grace, where you play the role of loving the noble knight partner. Do not disappoint, like attracts like! Hearts will beat in unison, if you will unite common ideals, spiritual views.

Dish family hearth and podstrahovyvayas in moments of solving financial problems that wealth can not become a bone of contention with the missus. “Want” and “need” need to balance. Selfishness overcome! Requirements of others are the priority, so pull the blanket needs on himself is contraindicated.

Rely on Dev.

CANCERS. Inner confidence can work wonders! Now aktiviziruyutsya hereditary traits, therefore, peace and prosperity in the family is extremely important. And don’t try to “cut” the home for faults, nothing good happens, you have the same blood, just love them and help in everything!

For cash welfare do not worry, until November 2018, fate will reward you deserved. And the work (where the crafty intrigues) be treated with maximum responsibility, here you are a brilliant talent and don’t need to burden yourself with additional tasks for money, you will undermine health. Where fine — there and tear!

Be the diplomats, give to others in critical moments of confusion, your goal is to turn opponents into decent reliable allies.

And remember: the key to happiness in your personal life — it is a reliable family rear.

LIONS. You are your own master, you know what to do, what door to go and which obstacle to avoid. And no one dares to command, to impose their rules of the game! The initiative is the scepter fairy wand. But at the same time be afraid to get delusions of grandeur is from the evil one. That is haughty and arrogant at risk of becoming a victim.

Put the global goals of trying to get the maximum benefit from a combination of circumstances, make the necessary acquaintances, which is destined to positively affect the future.

For productive result, concentrate the energy on the most important areas of activity (business), provided that it is a pleasure, material benefit, and not harm.

Hold The Weights.

VIRGO. Inner world changes dramatically, the bad habits are fading, you turn into a godly personality, charming and sexually attractive.

Loosen tight belts, enough to save, shikuyte, not indulging in anything, and always treat others the gifts to Finance the needs of the household.

The order to “want” is paramount (this is the voice of Heaven), and “should” wait. In a profitable sphere, lucky stripe, enrich, and direct funds for the implementation of cherished desires.

Many get lucky with a profitable business proposals that are crucial, but yet keep it a secret.

And regularly do charity, your sacrifices will pay off handsomely. The hog will be taken away many times.

LIBRA. To you the sea knee-deep, power gush, personal influence is enormous. Go to the front, debyutiruet in new areas. You are a charismatic leader, triumphantly leading the team and setting the tone activities, plus you know the secret buttons of the influence of circumstances.

If you master the art of the secret strategy, together with the Trustees, you will be on the most inaccessible peaks. The main thing — to count all the details. The practicality and Analytics of the best trumps in the moments when it is necessary to go VA-Bank. Persistently do what you think is right, and see that it has not harmed the family, personal life, coordinate everything with the family. To wash dirty linen in public not!

The impact of the lions, Maidens, sagittariuses very essential for spiritual growth.

SCORPIONS. Now on the stage of life played out scenarios of karmic events (payback) associated with power, responsibility, career ambitions, where you are surrounded by the authoritative person, which you are required. So if something goes against the plans, so it should be. Try to help someone else, care of friends to use for their own needs and not of the unseen blow around.

Often privacy, it will help to make the right crucial decisions. Regular participation in charity events is mandatory and a blessed mission. Free of charge helping the needy, the poor, the disabled, orphans, you are purifying the sinful karma of the society and nation.

ARCHERS. You flying high, ranking in the society is huge. Each tries to engage with you in fraternal bonds. However, the eagle fly, not a friend, make friends with worthy persons with whom share common attitudes, great ideas, human interests, whose inner world is in tune with your. This is the key to a life of prosperity, leadership, authority, positive achievements.

Your creative role in the community and society — to maintain order, to become a Bastion of reliability, a fair arbitrator. Professionals are lucky with finances.

On the love front, everything is fine, love you, accept these high feelings and be happy!

CAPRICORNS. Time to occupy a profitable niche in the hierarchy. Happy to rush to work, where you will warm the sun career success. High patrons have creative, interesting, so the growth prospects are very attractive, only harmonize himself and not to step on any toes to the target.

Move off the beaten path, not trying to get everything at once. Implementation of a professional calling is the triumphant pace. And of course, those who he likes, now lucky.

Other people’s wallets, too, features only as know. Spending on your favorite, must not exceed the permissible limit. “Take-give” under the clear control of the Skies.

AQUARIANS. Shining selflessly to others, you risk to burn yourself. Save life charge, let the teammates surrounding Cox and tense. And your destiny — to go around. Personal Outlook improving, to live by the old principles, ideals anymore, they are themselves morally exhausted. So create a new platform of basic values, burning ballast the mistakes of the past. Life is a school where you have to gain wisdom, to enrich the experience and to share this wealth with others.

Try to harmoniously fit into the laws of society, even if this causes a storm of protest, nowhere to go, the main thing is to be honest, decent and not tarnish his conscience.

Married lapithes to mate, you a key in a lock, a couple is able to do great things and be happy. And do not cook porridge.

Events of the week are karmic overtones, many will have to close debt program. Idle, at first glance, the actions bear good fruit.

FISH. It is payback time, if someone owed heart, deeds, money — refund loans. Time successful, so return with a vengeance. But if you someone is boycotting return, tantrums do not start, can not be forced, be patient, pacify the Ego.

Blind acquiescence to consumer desires is dangerous. Weigh the “pros and cons” and try to maintain a healthy balance to work more on returns. Sabotage as the war interests, threatens a loss.

Now to limit someone’s needs, to manage other people’s resources, to dictate your own rules as you go. Power, influence and wealth in the hands of others. Act according to circumstances, the main thing — not to harm anyone. On which cart to go, and the will to perform.