What to give for teacher’s Day in 2017

A box of chocolates, a card or a newspaper – these are gifts that from year to year relevant to the teacher’s Day. But the teacher at school or University would be pleased if you will make a present more personal, given the passions and sphere of human activity.


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We thought about the holiday surprises for you and shared the gifts to the teachers of subjects. Here’s what you can give on 1 October.

A gift to the math teacher:

All mathematicians love unusual technical gadgets, in other words electronic gifts. If the teacher spends a lot of time at the computer (maybe even at home), he will surely be happy with the original usb device as a present. This can be, for example, such practical thing as a desktop usb fan, which will save a PC user from the sweltering heat of summer. In an extreme case – the flash drive is also become indispensable for the modern teacher.

A gift to the teacher of language and literature:

Of course, we will advise you to give the book. Learn what is currently the top best sellers and find the right reading for your teacher. Also not superfluous will be verse as a gift, if you are good at it.

A gift to the teacher of geography:

You can give the gift of beautiful PBUs or scratch card for travel. Geography teacher quite often tell students about different countries, but the majority of these teachers have never been in those States, which they tell students. So you can give your teacher a book about travelling, which gives details about different countries.

If not for the discoveries of different lands, who risked their lives to open a new sea route, we never would have known about the world in the form in which we know about him now. That is, the pioneers had a huge impact not only on the development of humanity, but to such science as geography. So if you want to give your teacher something original, then hand him the layout of the ship explorers.

A gift to a teacher:

Anyone who is associated with sports, hand made award cups, so choosing what to give to your PE teacher, we recommend you to choose this gift as a Gift Cup with individual engraving. Also one of the main attributes of any teacher is the stopwatch. So if you are looking for a useful present for her sportsman, first and foremost pay attention to the stopwatch.

In the study of any teacher of physical education you can see all kinds of sports accessories with which the teacher decorates the interior. So you safely can to give the teacher a similar accessory for the interior decoration of his office.

A gift to the teacher of biology:

The teacher of biology will certainly appreciate a new exotic pet in his office. But if you know that the flower will be decorating the office at the school, it is better to choose low-maintenance and hardy plants without strong odor.

A gift to a chemistry teacher:

If the chemistry in your school there is no periodic bust, then you have the perfect opportunity to rectify this situation. Give your chemistry teacher on teacher’s Day is a bust of Dmitri Mendeleev. Buy it you will be able in a specialty store or online.

Also make a good present and, most importantly, inexpensive gift for a teacher of chemistry at the teachers ‘ Day will be a circle inscribed with the periodic table. You can buy it in any gift shop or online gift shop.

If your teacher quite often conducts experiments in chemistry class, then give him on the Day the master acid-resistant coat. This gift will enable the teacher to keep their skin and clothes from hazardous acids.

A gift to a history teacher:

If you know what period in the history of the preference of the guest of honor, hand him a rare historical book. A book is always a good gift, if before you the rare gift edition, this gift becomes a real property of the owner.

Not necessarily to give the teacher a statuette in the form of a bust of Herodotus. Instead, you can give your history teacher a souvenir that recalls a certain era. For example, you can look for teacher figurine in the form of some ancient weapons. Also a good idea to look the statue in the Colosseum.