In Ukraine called the main way to get rid of Russia in the Donbass

The overlap of the Russian-Ukrainian border peacekeeping mission impossible to make a real participation of Russia in the conflict in the Donbas. This was stated in the comment to the edition “GORDON” the political scientist, the head of the Center for applied political studies “Penta” Volodymyr Fesenko.

According to him, the main thing is to cut off the supply of weapons and manpower of the Russians in the Donbass.

“If the border is closed (peacekeepers – ed.), in a war zone stop getting mercenaries and weapons. And that’ll porubit the roots of the conflict. That is the key question. If the border is not closed, Russia gets the opportunity to keep their channels of influence. It is an open border allows Moscow to play the game “we here at anything” and “we are not there”. Overlapping boundaries will make it impossible for the real participation of Russia in the conflict in the Donbas,” – said Fesenko.


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He noted that Russia inserts itself, refusing the options of the Ukrainian side in the transmission line under the control of the UN.

“We have many people unhappy with the fact that the point of the transfer of control over Ukrainian-Russian border is the last in the Minsk agreements. Unfortunately, it is written there. And criticism on this occasion quite justified. The essence of the proposals of Poroshenko and most Western countries? To pass the border control for the period of settlement of the situation and conduct the elections with Ukraine, the UN peacekeeping mission. This is a compromise. But Russia rejects him, thus once again confirming that a party to the conflict. Although publicly they say the opposite”, – said the analyst.


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Also experts believe that if the peacemakers will be at the border, then it will begin the process of political settlement of the conflict.

“Russian diplomacy is a cynical, deceitful game, to preserve the influence on the conflict in the Donbas. What would happen if peacekeepers can be imposed solely on the boundary line of the parties? Most likely, this will lead to the freezing of the conflict. Eventually, the Donbass will be divided and part of it will be controlled by Ukraine and part of Russia. The introduction of peacekeepers to the border will begin the process of political settlement of the conflict,” concluded Fesenko.


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Note that the position of Russia and Ukraine at odds in the deployment of peacekeepers. So Kiev wants their imposition on all uncontrolled territory of Donbass, include the Russian-Ukrainian women abroad. Moscow, in turn, is configured only to enter them on the line of contact and for the protection of OSCE observers.

Recall, September 20 at the UN General Assembly the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that Russia’s position on the placement of peacekeepers only on the line of contact and for the protection of the OSCE speaks of the intention to freeze the conflict in the Donbas.

The President also appealed to the UN with a request to enter the mission in the Donbass as soon as possible. In addition, he urged the Secretary-General to send to the Donbass assessment mission of the situation.