When and what to eat not to gain weight

Returning after labor day, many people like to eat heartily. So we’re trying to forget about all the accumulated problems. But it is fundamentally wrong. After all, we all know that the unutilized energy in our body turns into fat. And a hearty dinner – just a good way to gain weight.


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How to find a balance between a delicious dinner and hold the weight at the desired level – say nutritionists. In particular, it is necessary to follow the portion size of the evening meal. And for products that fall into your plate.

What to eat to not gain weight:

  • Chicken or a piece of lean beef with a salad for a perfect end to the day. To see this dinner did not seem fresh – explore different options of cooking meat. But remember: to give preference to the need grilling, cooking or baking.
  • Lean fish. Fish for dinner do not eat fried, – if you want to get better. A small portion of prepared fish with rice will satisfy your hunger and will weight the stomach at bedtime.
  • The low fat cottage cheese. Many nutritionists believe cottage cheese is an ideal product for dinner. Easily digestible, gives feeling of satiety for a long period of time and gives a feeling of heaviness. But remember: the cheese you need to eat at night – without jam and fruit – or problems with digestion are provided. You can mix the cheese with fresh pepper, for example. Or at least to eat a serving with a sweet tea.
  • Do not eat for dinner pasta, potatoes and white bread. Before going to sleep foods not digest, the more they are high in calories. With them the extra folds you provided.
  • Decorate your dinner on a beautiful plate, turn off the TV and computer, focus only on your food, otherwise you risk to eat – and not to notice. Three hours later, after dinner, go to sleep.