Trump said that would not have appointed and Roman sessions for the position if I knew he was going to take rejection

Washington. President trump said Wednesday that in any case would not have appointed Jeff and Roman sessions of the General attorney, if I knew that he withdrew from the leadership of the investigation in Russia, which hampers him a job at the presidency. Trump called the decision and Roman sessions “very unfair to the President.”

Openly breaking with one of his main political supporters, trump has complained that the decision and Roman sessions eventually led to the appointment of a special Prosecutor, which is not supposed to happen. “Sessions were not to recuse myself, but if he was going to take it, he needed to tell me this before the appointment, and then I would have chosen someone else,” said trump.

Giving a lengthy interview to The New York Times, the President also accused fired in may, FBI Director James Comey in an attempt to use the allegations to save his job. Trump has criticized the acting Director of the FBI, who took over the vacancy after the resignation of the Komi Republic, Deputy attorney-General, who has recommended to send him into retirement. He also attacked the special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller III, who is investigating the case of the Russian intervention in last year’s elections.

Trump said that Muller there are many conflicts of interest in this position and warned of investigators to those not involved in the Affairs, too far from Russia. Trump never said he ordered the justice Ministry to dismiss Muller, and did not set out the circumstances in which he can take this step. But to exclude such a possibility, he did not, when with great displeasure told about the investigation, which caused him considerable political damage for the six months presidency.

Trump asked the question, do not go there in consequence of Muller red line, if it will investigate his finances irrespective of the relations with Russia. The President replied: “I would say Yes.” But it is not reported how it will do in such a case. “I think it’s a violation. It’s a consequence,” he said.

In the course of the interview was affected a lot of different issues, including healthcare, foreign Affairs and politics. But the investigation still took the main place in this conversation. Trump said that as far as he knows, he is not under investigation, although today there are reports that Mueller was considering, did not prevent the President of a justice, dismissing the Komi Republic.

“I don’t think we are under investigation, — said trump. — I’m not under investigation. For what? I didn’t do anything wrong”.

Talking about an informal conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin at a dinner of world leaders in Germany, trump said that it lasted about 15 minutes, and it was mostly “an exchange of courtesies”. However, trump said that they raised the question “about adoption”. Putin in 2012 imposed a ban on adoptions of Russian children by Americans, when the United States imposed sanctions on Russians accused of violating human rights. This issue remains a sore point in Russian-American relations.

Trump said that he was “interested in” question on adoption, as his son Donald trump Jr. said that during last year’s election campaign, he became the topic of conversation with a number of Russians connected to the Kremlin. Although information leakage from e-mails show that the meeting was arranged to transmit compromising information about Hillary Clinton, the President noted that last year he did not need from Russia these materials on the rival as they had had enough.

The interview took place at a time when the White house is trying to recover after the collapse of the health law, and son-in-law and former Chairman of the electoral headquarters of the trump called in for a conversation with the investigators of the Senate. Attentive and uninhibited the President sat during the interview at his Desk in the oval office in the presence of only one assistant, hope Hicks (Hicks Hope). The conversation took place between a dinner with Republican senators at the White house event promoting American-made goods.

During the entire 50 minute conversation testy at times trump showed friendliness and affability. He joked about shaking hands with the President of France and was thinking about holding a military parade on the main street of Washington. The President noted with satisfaction that the country has reduced unemployment and the securities markets when it rose to record heights.

At one point the doors had a daughter trump Ivanka, along with his granddaughter Arabella, which ran up to grandpa and kissed him. He welcomed the six-year-old girl, calling her “that chick”, and then asked to show reporters how she speaks Chinese. The granddaughter agreed.

But trump during an interview left no doubt that the investigation of Russian intervention remains a sore spot. In particular, his dissatisfaction with Sessom still fresh, although the moment of rejection of the attorney General it’s been a few months. Sessions was the first Senator to have endorsed the candidacy of trump, and as a reward he received the key post in the Cabinet, although in recent years distanced himself from the President.

“Jeff sessions agrees to this position, receives it, and then he withdraws. Frankly, I think it is very unfair to the President, — said trump. — How you can first take a position, and then withdraw? If he refused to participate in the investigation before coming to this post, I would have said, “Thanks, Jeff, but I can’t.” It is exceptionally unfair to the President, and that’s an understatement”.

Trump also condemned and Roman sessions for his speech in the Senate at the hearing with the statement in the post, when he said that “did not communicate with the Russians”, although met twice with Ambassador Sergei Kislyak. “Jeff sessions gave a few bad answers, — said the President. — He gave answers to very simple questions, and these answers also had to be simple but was not.”

Press Secretary and Roman sessions on Wednesday declined to comment.

The President made a new statement about the Komi, whose resignation has become a major issue for critics, noting that it is an attempt to obstruct the investigation of the Russian intervention in elections and possible collusion with the Russian team trump.

Trump remembered that two weeks before the inauguration of the Komi Republic and other heads of intelligence services informed him about the Russian intervention. Later in Komi Republic took trump to the side and told him about the dossier, assembled by the former British spy, with the information about his sexual adventures in Moscow. The FBI has not confirmed the most sensational statements of this dossier.

As stated by trump during an interview, in his view, Komi told him about the dossier, in order to show that he has something on the President. “In my opinion, he shared with me this news, that I thought he has something against me,” said trump. As leverage? “Yes, I think so, — said the President. — In retrospect”.

The President shrugged off contained in the dossier allegations. “When he brought it to me, I said all this fiction and garbage. I thought, my God, what a fake!”

Komi Republic on Wednesday declined to comment.

However, Komi and other security chiefs decided that it is better to talk about it with trump eye to eye because he wanted to be FBI Director. Komi in Congress gave evidence that he disclosed details of a dossier Trump, because they believed that the media will soon publish its details, and that trump has a right to know what is against him collected information. A week before the inauguration of trump’s many media published a two-page synopsis of the incriminating dossier, including The New York Times.

Trump has denied the allegation of Komi that on meeting privately in the oval office on February 14, the President asked him to stop the investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Komi has shown in Congress that before the conversation with him, trump was escorted out of his office the Vice-President, attorney General and other senior officials of the administration.

“I don’t remember I talked to him about it, stated trump. He said that I asked people to leave. And you look at his testimony. In these testimonies full of lies, isn’t it?”

The President has no doubt about the dismissal of Komi. According to him, he “did a great job for the American people.”

Trump also criticized former FBI Director Mueller, Recalling that lawyers from his office donated money to the Clinton campaign. He noted that he had spoken with Mueller prior to his appointment as attorney General as a candidate to replace Komi Republic.

“He came and he wanted to take this position, — said the President. — When he was appointed spectaculorum, I said, “what the Hell is all this?” There are conflicts, and they have to say. But he wanted to take this post. There were other numerous conflicts, which I did not say, but I’d say”.

The President also expressed dissatisfaction with the Deputy attorney General rod Rozensteina (Rod J. Rosenstein), who previously worked as a Federal Prosecutor in Baltimore. When sessions recused himself, the President was annoyed to learn that where you’re from, his Deputy. “In Baltimore, very few Republicans, if they are there,” said trump of this city, dominated by Democrats.

He complained that Rosenstein essentially took both sides when the question arose about Komi. The Deputy attorney General has recommended to send Komi down, but then appointed Mueller, who could conduct an investigation into the question of whether the dismissal of the obstruction. “Well, it’s a conflict of interests, — told the trump. Do you know how many conflicts of interest?”

In an interview with Fox News prior to publication of the review of trump, Rosenstein expressed confidence that Mueller can avoid any conflicts of interest. “We have the Prosecutor’s office there is a procedure that allows you to do it,” he said.

Speaking of the acting Director of the FBI Maccabe Andrew (Andrew G. McCabe), the President suggested that he, too, has a conflict of interest. Wife Jill McCabe in 2015 during her unsuccessful fight for a seat in the Senate of Virginia has received almost 500 thousand dollars from a political action Committee associated with Governor Terry McAuliffe (Terry McAuliffe), who is a close friend of Hillary and bill Clintons.

First giving feature to your dining conversations with Putin at the summit of “Big twenty” in Hamburg, trump tried to belittle its importance. He said that his wife Melania sat next to Putin at the other end of the table, behind which sat the leaders of the world.

“Lunch ended and the case went to the dessert, — told the trump. — I went over to greet the Melania, and at the same time shook hands with Putin. Actually, it was just exchange of pleasantries, nothing more. The conversation was short, about 15 minutes. We talked about different things. It was very interesting because we touched on the subject of adoption.”

Trump noted that the issue of adoption was raised in June 2016 at a meeting between his son and the Russian guests. “I actually talked to him about the adoption of Russian children, he said, referring to Putin. — It was interesting because this is also at the meeting said don”.

However, the President reiterated that he did not know at the time about meeting his son, and added that he did not need the services of Russian to get dirt on Clinton.

“I couldn’t say about Hillary Clinton’s nothing worse than what was talked about before, he said. Well, except for the case if it became known that she shot someone in the back. And so I couldn’t add something new to his repertoire”.