Infernal underground

They should become Museum pieces. Or go to the press. But on the M3 line of the Budapest metro, they are still there: trains made in 70-e years in Russia and then supplied to all republics of the Soviet Union and satellite countries, equipped Spartan, loud, smelly, but indestructible. In most countries they have already replaced on the Western model. In Budapest in the second and fourth lines also trains the French company Alstom.

But M3 is still on the tracks the train of the legendary Moscow machine-building plant, Metrovagonmash. And the government wants to keep it that way. Prime Minister Viktor Orban (Viktor Orban) does not want to put the relationship with his friend Vladimir Putin at risk, and therefore Hungary is not only buying Russian nuclear power plant, but also replaces the old Russian metro trains at the new — Russian. Moscow’s proposal, which a sister state may not be waived: this type of business relationship has already proven itself in the real socialism.

End station West station

Barely this spring, the first new subway trains stood on the tracks, they immediately had to stop. The fact that they didn’t do what I wanted from them machinists. Especially door lived their lives. Once they were left open while driving, at other times opened at the station, but not from the other side.

More concerns emerged about two weeks ago, when the train, filled with passengers, drove to the station under the Budapest Western railway station and stood there with closed doors. Five minutes, ten, almost fifteen. The driver apologized to the passengers, the train rolled back and tried again to enter the station. It did not help. The door remained closed.

Old trains in a new guise?

The device for emergency unlocking of the doors were not able to include even two strong men. The lever jammed. Only through the efforts of additional assistants, he finally succumbed. When desperate passengers left their steel prison, they showered curses not only Russian designers, but also the Hungarian Prime Minister and his corrupt friends. After this they organized this purchase.

In addition, the inhabitants of Budapest still don’t know what they put Russian. Old trains in a new guise? Or the new trains that were years in Moscow in the warehouse? The Budapest transport company at the present time brought a new train out of service and require the manufacturer Metrovagonmash explanations and damages.

But the mayor of Budapest Istvan Tarlos (Istvan Tarlos) blames these troubles, the dark forces: in the history of the train line M3 “certainly worked the devil,” said the party of Viktor Orban. Budapest residents, meanwhile, wonder what surprises them more is waiting for Russia to supply them not only metros, but also the whole nuclear power plant.