Thai politician shocked the society, the scandalous details of his personal life

Thai Tambon the politician himself, prasert, the head of the district, in Nakhon Nayok, was recently forced to officially admit that he is illegally married to more than one hundred women, according to Оdditycentral.

He invited media representatives to shed light on their family life. The question about polygamy is himself, prasert answered honestly: “I Have 120 wives and 28 children.”

Although polygamy in Thailand is considered illegal, this has not prevented modern Casanova. Even more unexpectedly that all of his wives know about each other and even agree to such a Union.

Hero-lover. Photo:

Of course, for a short time to find so many wives he couldn’t. “In the first marriage I joined when I was 17. My wife was younger than me by several years. After it I had a series of other women. Most of them were young, under the age of 20. I don’t like older women – they fight a lot,” – said the politician.


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58-year-old man also owns a successful construction business. “I’m a building contractor, no matter where I built the house, everywhere I have a wife. I love them all, and they – me,” he told himself, prasert.

Media reported that 22 wife of Tambon of himself, prasert live near his home, and the rest all over Thailand.