In Ukraine could grow by concerts

Ukrainian artists want to do not entrance to Russia. The other day in the Verkhovna Rada registered the bill No. 6660 prohibiting tour events on the territory of the Russian Federation and temporarily occupied part of the Donbass. The document also introduces a taboo to concerts by Russian artists on our platform. However, the restrictions do not apply to the representatives of the Russian show business, condemning the aggression of their government — to act in Ukraine, writes UBR.

In the case of the bill, artists-the violators will be punished. They Shine, as the minimum penalty to 150 minimum tax (2550 UAH). Can we talk about criminal liability — deprivation of liberty for a term of three to five years.

In fact, the bill is aimed at creating a regulatory framework for the closure of Ukrainian borders by Russian artists. But because of the ambiguity in interpretation it will be easy to challenge in court, lawyers say.

“Currently, the decision to ban the entry of Russian artists in Ukraine is taken by the SBU on the basis of internal guidelines No. 344 from June 1, 2009 Reason for the prohibition of entry provided for in this manual, very vague, and allow for a lot of reasons to appeal the ban,” said managing partner myuk “Kodex” Eugene Kovtunenko.

The lawyer also added that the bill actually limits the right of the Ukrainian artists on free choice of activities and places of work. “It is not clear from the document how to record violations of and how to prove the subjective and the objective side of the crime,” said Kovtunenko.

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According to the expert of the touring market and managing partner of PR-Agency “Del Arte” George Gulevich, if the bill is adopted, then the Ukrainian artists can lose up to 80% of their earnings. In addition to performances, they actively feed corporate who bought Russian companies and the local rich, who are famous for their ability to overspend.

“Although to prove that it was paid up a concert, not a party of friends will be very difficult. Imagine Brezhnev or Rotaru, what a performance put behind bars. The Kremlin tabloid then it will pick up and inflate. We are going to look extremely ridiculous,” says Gulevich.

But ordinary Ukrainians impending bans threatened by the narrowing of the range of recreational activities. To compensate for the outflow of Russian stars at the expense of the concerts of Western artists is unlikely — those not in a hurry to Ukraine. It is possible that our artists will try to take advantage of the situation and raise the prices of their concerts.