Five main mistakes that prevent burn fat and gain healthy body

If you sweat hard in the gym for a few months, but I can’t lose weight, pay attention to the following errors. You may not see the desired reflection in the mirror because of them, writes

  • Are you doing only cardio

While cardio really burns up the calories, don’t forget to add to the Cycling and run workouts. They increase muscle mass and the more muscles in your body, the more calories you burn even when not exercising. You can train less, but more efficiently.

  • You are doing high intensity interval training

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the most effective ways to reduce weight. These workouts combine cardio and strength exercises: after 40 seconds of intense exercise followed by 20 seconds of rest. According to this scheme, you can perform the burpee, pushups, squats and plyometric exercises.


  • What cereal is best conducive to healthy weight loss

High intensity interval training much more effectively burn fat than classic cardio. Here is more calories, it activates the hormone noradrenaline, adrenaline, growth hormone – they are responsible for thermogenesis in the body. But interval training should be run separately from the power, another day. Ideally, after weight training you need to perform the classical cardio at a low heart rate.

  • You doing the same type of training

If you regularly engage in, and weight is in place, this is something to ponder: is there enough variety in your workouts? When you do three to five of the same workouts a week, your muscles become accustomed to the load and do not develop.

The human body many thousands of years has learned to adapt to any kind of load – it’s our way to survive. The same load our body over and over again tends to make more economical. For example, a few months later, the same workouts, the body spends 40-50% less calories than the beginning of classes. The more diverse the training process, the better and more interesting it will be.

  • You have no control over what you eat

“I’m good, now can eat whatever I want,” is a common error of Amateur athletes. It is important to remember: fat is burned only when you spend more calories than you consume.

At the head of the training process is food – regardless of whether people want to lose weight or to gain weight. Food is the building material. No matter how well and often you hit the gym, if the material is terrible quality. The first step is to adjust your diet, and then to design a training plan.