What foods are most harmful to heart

Experts in the field of cardiovascular diseases ranked the most harmful products for the heart. In addition, the researchers called the first signs of heart problems that are usually left unattended, according to u-news.

According to the study, the cause of the outbreak of diseases associated with the heart, is not only a stress but also a change of diet. Scientists say that the diet of the people began to dominate the foods with “hidden” fats.


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According to researchers at the University of Munich, the five most harmful for the heart products are:

  • Products with modified fats and margarine, butter cookies, cakes with cream.
  • Smoked
  • Caviar – both red and black.
  • Champagne wines.
  • Beer.

It is noted that the first signs of heart problems are pain in the left side of the chest, and the following phenomena:

  • Sleep disorder, coupled with anxiety
  • Daytime fatigue for no apparent reason
  • The feeling of lack of air during exercise.

By the way, among the sports most helpful for the heart were swimming, running and Pilates, that is, aerobic exercise.