The summer continues tomorrow in Ukraine is expected to +33

Start weeks in Ukraine will be warm, and the places will be quite hot – over 30 degrees, according to hydrometeorological center.

On Monday the entire country will be Sunny weather without precipitation.

“Cooler” just to be in the West. 18-21 there is heat, sometimes up to 26. And only in the Lviv region will not exceed 18 degrees in the afternoon. Night weather forecasters predict 12 to 14.


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In the East and South of Ukraine will be the hottest weather: daytime temperatures will rise to 29-33 of the body, night 14-16, in the South to 19 degrees.

In the Central and Northern regions, forecasters are predicting mild weather with a temperature of 24-27 heat in Kropiwnicka to +31. Night is expected 14-16 heat.