What food contains the female hormone of youth

On condition the female body has a strong influence hormone levels in the blood, and a harmonious state of hormonal levels as a whole, writes med2.ru.

The most important hormone, which is also called “female” is estrogen. It is produced in the male body, albeit in disproportionately smaller numbers than in women. The main effect of estrogen is that they provide a woman’s fertility. Otherwise, it is called the hormone of sexuality. Many distinctive features of women’s appearance – ample Breasts, soft, delicate, alluring voice, beautiful skin ensure the production of this hormone.

  • How to get estrogen from food

There are three species of plants that have estrogenic activity. This – lignans, isoflavones and coumestan.

So, here is a food with a high content of estrogen:

  • Flax seed

These seeds belong to the group of lignans. In addition, flax seed also contains other beneficial to the body quality women, having:

  • anti-tumor properties;
  • antioxidante properties;
  • ability to remove toxins from the body.
  • For the application of semen flax grind them and use, as bran in a large amount of liquid (yogurt, juice, fruit). Ground seeds can be added along with honey in porridge. However, there are limitations: the maximum dose should not exceed two tablespoons a day.

    • Legumes – a source of estrogens

    Isoflavones are contained in most legumes – beans, chickpeas, green peas. Popularity is gaining more and more another type of bean – lentils. Women need to appreciate the uniqueness of this product, because the lentil has a unique product for plant protein, and it cooks in only 15-20 minutes.

    • Coffee as a source of female hormone youth

    Studies have shown that 90% of women who drink at least half a liter of coffee a day had an elevated estrogen level. This is to know how often ladies are concerned about the question of the weight and because the high content of estrogens are also bad for the female figure, as well as their deficit.


    • The nutritionist called the main rules of effective weight loss with carbohydrates

    Feature completeness with increased estrogen is that the fat is concentrated in the lower body – the hips and abdomen. So, dear coffee lovers should know: until you stop drinking in such quantities coffee to lose weight can be very hard.

    • Apricots

    This fruit – a leader in the hormone content of lignans among fruits. It contains as fresh apricots, and dried (dried apricots).

    Incidentally, for the famous Hunza people, known for their commitment to the raw food diet, living in the Indian jungle, apricots are the main food year-round. That’s where their main feature, – perfect health to a ripe old age, because most of the people of Hunza is known for health and longevity.