The most common fall diseases: how to avoid them

It is recommended especially careful to listen to your body and at the first warning symptoms, consult a doctor, says “Home”.


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So what disease “waiting” for fall and how to avoid them:

  • Flu

Most of the serious epidemics of influenza in the autumn. To avoid that, you need to avoid large concentrations of people, and also strictly observe personal hygiene and to stimulate the immune system. If you still are unable to protect themselves and get sick, don’t self-medicate and always consult a doctor.

  • Colds and ENT diseases

Often in the autumn, our immune system is so weakened that it is simply not able to give a fitting rebuff bacteria, viruses, or even an ordinary cold. As a result, we begin to disturb various seasonal diseases: acute respiratory infections, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, laryngitis, tracheitis. To help the body, gradually strengthen your immune system hardening, take vitamins, change diet.

  • Cystitis

Hypothermia is a very common phenomenon for the autumn season, dangerous sharp growth of pathological flora and inflammatory processes in the body such as, for example, cystitis. Inflammation of the bladder mucosa is characteristic of women and is manifested shortness of painful urination. To avoid this disease, dress for the weather and timely treat existing in the body foci of infection.

  • Peptic ulcer disease

Autumn may experience worsening stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer. The reasons for this can be transition to a new routine, improper diet, vitamin deficiency, endocrine disorders, depression. To prevent the aggravation, follow the diet, try to avoid nervous shocks.

  • Breakdown

Wet weather, reduced daylight hours and lack of sufficient ultraviolet invariably lead us to the autumn melancholy or even depression. That’s why doctors say the apparent increase in neurosis, depression and psychosis in the autumn. Often these conditions are accompanied by insomnia, increased irritability, depression. To cope with depression, talk with your doctor, who will prescribe you effective sedatives and give other practical advice.

  • Dermatosis

The reasons for the development of dermatosis are usually hypothermia and cold against the background of General weakening of the immune system, characteristic of autumn. To protect your skin from disease are advised to follow a diet, stick to proper sleep and rest, avoid stressful situations.