“Mermaid” fitness: the new hit among dieters

The difference of this training from any other is that all the exercises you need to perform, wearing a massive mermaid’s tail. 45-minute session that combines elements of yoga, Pilates and cardio is quite a serious burden, as “mermaids” all the time necessary to overcome the resistance of water.

Each routine starts with a warm up, which warms up the muscles and starts the metabolism. Then training goes into navigation mode, which is good muscular corset, strengthens the cardiovascular system and leads the body in tone.

Photo: hoteldel.com

“When you swim with a mermaid tail, then uses every muscle in their body. The movement of the wave starts from the body, and then moves onto the hips and legs,” says Melissa Flannery, instructor and co-owner of a school of swimming Wings Over Water School.


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In the end, the girls do some strength exercises: pushups, crunches and sit-UPS. This part of the workout is carried out on land without removing the “tail” specifically inhibit movement.

Trainers say that in a month, “the mermaid” training the stomach becomes more flat, the waist thinner, and my feet more relief.

At the moment, “Schools of mermaids” are successfully operating in USA, Canada, Germany and Russia.