In Ukraine, a new Scam has made debtors already dozens of people

In Ukraine there are two new types of fraud. The first is based on compassion, cardholders, and the second — on the credulity of the people changing currency.

Fifty victims from one card scams and found in Khmelnytskyi. As told “Today” in regional management of national police, the talented 30-year-old “craftsman” had been detained.

“This citizen was looking for of the victims at the station and told them that supposedly had no money and asked for help, told us the speaker of management of the Khmelnytsky regional Department of police Inna Gliga. — He said that a friend is willing to transfer him the money, but unfortunately, he has no Bank card, so asked a passer-by for permission to use the map. As a reward for such a service was offered part of the amount that it will transfer a friend. Being naturally a good psychologist, he tried to persuade so that he believed and agreed to give a few minutes of your cards. Taking a credit card, the suspect went to the ATM and using the instant loan, removed the borrowed amount and returns the card to the owner. SMS notification from the Bank that you need to make a payment for repayment would come only after a month.”

According to PEGI, the man suspected to be thus robbed 54 of unsuspecting citizens. According to police, the suspect with his scheme for several months “earned” more than 150 thousand UAH. If they prove his guilt in court, the suspect faces up to 6 years in prison.

According to preliminary data, all victims were clients of one of the state banks. In this “Today” assured that their security is in order: “to Withdraw money so unrealistic. It is unclear how this been done, because in order to receive a loan, most banks need a physical presence in the Department”. The police retort. “The swindler, apparently, found the gaps in the banking system and used this — it took a really instant loan. That is, the card holder does not have SMS at the time of processing the loan, it debt. By the way, right after these events, the Bank has made loans — have introduced a larger number of inspections of clients”, — says head of Department of postal and telecommunications Serega, Demediuk.

As still in parts passed is a Scam and customers what other banks were affected — will find out a consequence.

The only method allowed to protect themselves, the police only referred to the sole use of the card without transferring it into other hands. In turn, bankers say that if the person issued a credit, which he does not personally take, you need to apply to the police and to the court. This is necessary in order to have a result established, exactly who borrowed from the Bank and, respectively, to repay the debt.

Themselves a “fake” exchange is not new, but “disposable” appeared just recently. As told “Today” in the capital Department of the national police, similar cases are documented for five. The essence of their “work” as follows: fraudsters rent in the capital stand and place the online ad to exchange currency at a very favorable rate. When they call the client, agree with him about the meeting. Some time before his arrival they post on the kiosk sign and placards with the course. Immediately after the money in the hands of criminals under the pretext of “left over UAH” hiding either out the back or through a prepared hole in the roof. One of the last cases occurred on the street Deputy in Kiev. According to the spokesman of the police of Kiev Oksana Blasik, the man came to exchange $10 million, but, taking in hands money, the cashier tried to escape out the back. On the street she and her accomplice were arrested by the police.