What products can be bought in the supermarket

In a beautiful package, you can sell anything. But we often mindlessly take from the shelves the products that can harm our health, says “Home”.


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We decided to tell you about the seven foods that should not be put into your trolley in the supermarket:

  • Green salad packaging

Bacteriologist warn that the most dangerous product in the supermarket sliced and packaged green salad. Although the packaging and says that he’s ready to use, it can be a host of harmful bacteria that cause intestinal diseases. They get on the salad leaves from the soil and cannot be destroyed, because salad is not cooked. To be safe, any purchased vegetables should be washed thoroughly.

  • Sausage

The world health organization recognized the sausage, bacon and other products made from processed meat products that cause cancer. The nitrites contained in the intestine can be transformed into nitrosamines – strong carcinogens. Meats can also contain yet another carcinogen – benzpyrene. Better to buy a good piece of veal to prepare it and to use for snacks and sandwiches instead of sausage.

  • Bottled green tea

A recent study confirmed that the drink is in bottles, which is sold under the guise of green tea, has nothing to do with it. Green tea is known for its antioxidant properties, but 20 bottles of bottled “tea” antioxidants as much as in one Cup of this. This drink consists mainly of water and sugar in it than soda. It is better to brew tea and take it with you.

  • Products with fruit additives

Croissants, buns with berry filling and sweet yogurts look delicious. But inside, fruit fillings, convenient for production and sales. Thanks to preservatives, flavorings and thickeners they are not absorbed into the dough and do not spoil. But to find in them the real berries difficult.

  • Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise consists of eggs, vinegar, sunflower oil and spices. But in the purchase mayonnaise there are also preservatives, dyes and stabilizers. “Light” mayonnaise contains less fat (for example, 35% instead of 50%), but to preserve the appearance and taste of the product, it is added starch and sugar. So caloric it’s almost the same as regular mayonnaise. This sauce is not useful to call, but if you like it – cooking at home.

  • Ground spices

Ground spices are easy to dilute with cheaper additives. For example, instead of cinnamon Cassia is often sold instead of saffron – safflower (marigolds). Buy spices in the beans and grind them yourself. It is better to buy spices without monosodium glutamate – flavor enhancer. It is harmless, but addictive natural taste of the food begins to seem insipid.

  • Bread

Bread from the supermarket is baked from flour, which is bleached with chemicals (such as benzoyl peroxide, which is used for explosions in movies). This meal has a long shelf life, it does not infest insects, but also benefit from it a little. The dough for the bread and add bread improver containing the seals of the dough and flavor enhancers. These additives improve dough quality and increase the shelf life of bread. So buy bread in small bakeries, where it is possible to ask about the details of production.