Which product is most beneficial for intestinal health

Arugula is one of the most expensive types of grass, which is eaten as a condiment for fresh salads and other dishes. Most interesting is that the arugula very well and growing rapidly, so you can safely grow it on your windowsill or balcony and eat for free, according to med2.ru.

This herb complements a variety of original taste and has many positive attributes, the main of them are:

  • Arugula has beneficial effects on the digestive system if you eat it constantly, then you will accelerate the metabolism.
  • To nursing mother had plenty of milk and baby got the useful minerals in the body, we need to consume arugula on a daily basis.
  • For men, the rocket is also very useful, rather, for their potency. Since arugula is considered a powerful aphrodisiac, it has the property to improve male strength.
  • Arugula coats the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines, protecting them from stimuli of the other products, so it is very useful for those people who have gastritis or ulcer.
  • This delicious pot has a very small amount of calories, therefore it is called the diet. So if you are on a diet and want intensely to lose weight, then add arugula to your diet.
  • One of the most important useful properties of arugula is its ability to destroy cholesterol in the blood cells, so that a person will be protected from diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • For kids arugula is also very useful as substances in its composition that promotes growth of new cells in the immune system, and this means that the immune system of your child will always be strong and not miss a single virus.

Contraindications to the account of arugula yet the doctors have not identified a single, there are incidents when a person has allergies or personal intolerance of this herb.


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Arugula is compatible with almost all products, but most of the original taste can be felt in dishes with nuts or cheese. You can prepare salads, soups, second courses of meat or poultry and add to arugula.