As a lack or excess of sleep affect brain health

Constant lack of sleep can prematurely turn a man into an old man. With this stern warning made by scientists, reported

When we sleep too little or too much, it disrupts the brain and may increase the age up to seven years, studies show. And this in turn reduces the quality of life and may even lead to earlier death.

Six to eight hours of sleep help us to maintain cognitive abilities such as thinking, reaction, and vocabulary.

Scientists from London have checked, as changes in sleep mode for five years in middle age affect cognitive function in later life.


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A quarter of women and 18 % of men who slept less than seven hours, suffered a decline in their ability to concentrate, reasoning and impoverishment of vocabulary. The quality and quantity of sleep are fundamental to the functioning of the human body and wellbeing, the study said.

Scientists have discovered that the ideal amount of sleep for an adult is seven hours per day.