On the far Eastern customs “stuck” more than 700 cars without the system ERA-GLONASS

The customs of the Far East arrested about 770 cars imported in the beginning of the year and is not equipped with system of emergency response in case of accidents ERA-GLONASS.

In accordance with the technical regulations of the Customs Union “On safety of vehicles” from 1 January 2017, any vehicle imported into the territory of Russia, should be equipped with a module of emergency call of ERA-GLONASS, with SOS button. Otherwise, the owner will not receive the vehicle passport (PTS).

“Since the beginning of the year issued 1 217 vehicles, this means that comrades have paid fees and wish to pick them up. But it took the machine only 448, which was discharged PTS”, — quotes “Interfax” words of the chief of far Eastern customs administration, Yuri Ladygin.

The head of customs said that the owners of withdrawn cars have provided evidence on the safety of the vehicle structure (SBKTS), which were issued before 31 December 2016. About the legality of the issuance of these documents is a check. The other machines are in stock.

“The warehouses are 769 cars that had not filed Declaration. What is their fate, it is difficult to say. Will normally decorated SBKTS — so Yes, you will set the button (ERA-GLONASS,- VE) — so, Yes,” said Mr. Ladygin.

Place in storage is enough, however, “if the situation will continue in the future owners will not pick up imported cars, future problems can arise,” said “Interfax” the head a press-services of far East customs office Polina Stetsurenko.

Can I drive without GLONASS?

From 1 January 2017 Technical regulations of the Customs Union requires the mandatory installation of GLONASS-only on new cars that get the Approval of a vehicle type (cu Tr). On cars with GLONASS will alert rescuers about the accident automatically in commercial vehicles (trucks, buses, tractors, etc.) is sufficient to manually call made in the button.

The transport vehicle type approval is a certificate that permits you to produce, to import and register new vehicle in the territory of the Russian Federation and the Customs Union.

However, if the validity of the cu Tr is not expired (it is valid for 3 years), the car could be sold without block ERA-GLONASS, says the website “Public control”. And especially do not need to install this unit on cars which are in operation or sold on the secondary market.

The import through customs without cars with GLONASS since January 1 is prohibited. Customs simply will not give PTS if SBKTS not indicated the presence of the system. However, if the owner had the time to make SBKTS last year, the car at customs and miss will give her PTS even in the absence of the system ERA-GLONASS. Without installing GLONASS can cross the border of Russia foreign cars are not subject to customs clearance.

A resident of the Far East launched on the website Change.org e-petition against mandatory installation in 2017, the system of ERA-GLONASS on new cars. “The system simply will not work: Yes, almost 100% of the Federal roads are covered with cellular communication, but accidents happen and where there is no connection; when traveling in a vehicle outside the Russian Federation the system works throughout Europe and the countries of the Customs Union (Belarus and Kazakhstan),” — said on the website of the petition.

According to him, the GLONASS-ERA will be to artificially constrain competition, while the Russian domestic market will benefit. At the moment the petition was signed by 4 027 people.