Profitable pigs: in Ukraine, began to grow industriesof

Farmer Lubomir Goshivsky many years raised pigs, but due to health problems from such tradition decided to give up, the lack of meat decided to replace due to industriesof. We are talking about a hybrid form, which is output, crossing ostriches and turkeys, writes the regional newspaper “Express”.

The farmer says, that to grow a bird is much easier than to feed a pig. Industrous unpretentious in food, except in the first month but need to take care of.

Feed the birds have wheat, bran, and boiled potatoes. Industrious eats less than half chicken-broiler. Four months later, the bird weighs 22 kg of pure meat approximately 18 kg each.

“For comparison: in order to grow a pig, you will need the year of pig will give 400 – 600 UAH, in his feeding in a month will be needed in the average bag of feed (200 UAH), plus potatoes, milk. Overall, it is estimated that out at least 3 000 UAH, we get about 100 kg of meat and fat, and work for the whole year. While 10 industriesof (one chick is 140 UAH) have two bags of cereals per month (400 UAH), and after 4 months, have 150 – 180 kg diet and organic meat”, – explained the farmer.


  • The food is expensive: the price of pork has exceeded UAH 100

We will remind, in Ukraine from-for flashes of the African plague of pigs (Achs) is rapidly decreasing the population of these animals. The farmers say about unprofitability of production and higher prices for meat.