Russia is building military bases in the Arctic in an attempt to take control of the region

Russians are coming — in the Arctic.

The Kremlin strengthens its possessions in the far North, to master a greater amount of natural resources of the region.

Russia has deployed new troops to the North of the Arctic circle, restored the old Soviet military bases and new builds, which causes concerns about her intentions.

Channel ABCNews, one of the few news media invited to explore the Russian Arctic bases, said that the country is trying to give all the power to get their share of the region’s rich natural resources are inexhaustible.

As the retreat of polar ice becomes available, an increasing amount of resources according to the channel ABCNews. The Arctic holds about 13% of the world’s oil and 30% natural gas, according to estimates by groups of geologists. These natural resources are estimated at 35 trillion dollars, reports CBS News.

On Friday, April 28, the President trump has signed a decree on the abolition of restrictions on underwater drilling, thus opening up the opportunity for deploying activity in the Arctic.

“Overall, there is good reason to think that Russia is acting irrationally, investing in the Arctic,” says ABCNews Risk Katarzyna (Katarzyna Zysk), Professor Norwegian Institute for defence studies. “Everyone thinks that the Arctic is the last place where you want to invest in Russia. And yet Russia does. I think it’s really important for the Russian authorities.”

Russia strengthened its forces on such bases like Alakurtti, preserved Soviet base near the border with Finland.

Channel ABCNews took the training in military gear for snowy terrain on this base, 400 kilometers from the Northern Russian city. During training, the military practiced martial arts techniques and go skiing with Kalashnikovs at the ready.

This is the first of two planned “Arctic brigades” in the region, reports ABCNews.

According to experts, they can be used only for the war with Finland.

“This is a very expensive promotion,” assesses Risk in conversation with ABCNews potential effectiveness of the brigade.

Moscow is building new bases in the Northern region.

Russian President Vladimir Putin in March of this year called for a new military base of “North clover”, located near the Arctic circle. It is made in colors of the Russian flag on the base can accommodate military aircraft and up to 150 troops, reports CBSNews channel.

In February 2016, Russia applied to the UN for the development of the bottom of the Arctic ocean, this is the last claim of the country for control of territory and its natural resources.

The sudden interest of Russia in the Arctic have caused alarm in the USA about plans of the Kremlin on the tundra.

The Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis (James Mattis) said in his speech when adopting it in this position in the Senate to ignore the areas where the US has not taken any action, “not in our interests.”

The retired General added in a written document that he will develop us strategy for response to “aggressive actions” of Russia in the Arctic, reports Reuters.