“Toxic” employees: what kind of people it is better not to communicate

Every day we have contacts with a lot of people: neighbors, colleagues, relatives and friends. Someone arouses our sympathy, with someone we issue only when necessary. You know for sure there are those close to you feel uncomfortable, says “Home”.


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Try to keep contact with such people to a minimum:

  • Gossip

At first it seems harmless, even helpful: sharing with you important and sensitive information about other people, and you may feel that he trusts her only to you. But gradually you realize: this type never and no one speaks well. He says that a colleague hacked a project that the neighbor secretly steals the newspaper from the mailbox that a friend was trying to discourage your husband. Gossip is slowly but surely fills your life with negativity, and then you begin to be suspicious of the coworker, neighbor, friend. Even if no compelling reason, except owls gossip, you do not.

  • Manipulator

He knows what he wants from you and will use you for their own purposes. He doesn’t care about your feelings and feelings, although he is perfectly able to use to their advantage. It seems the more time you spend together, the more he subjects you to his will. Talking with him too often, you run the risk of turning into his puppet.

Manipulation are very different. Someone posing as the victim, someone causes you guilt or the desire to prove what you good. The manipulator knows your weaknesses and sore points and are happy to use these knowledge to their advantage and to the detriment of you.

  • The judge

Shame is one of the most powerful negative feelings, and there are people who use it to steal your energy. Regardless of whether you do bad or good, about acting or not, the judge will find, what you to shame and humiliate. It will not get you to sympathize or empathize, not try to put ourselves in your shoes and understand how you feel bad. But if you try to appeal to his senses and stop to criticize you, calmly say, “I point out your flaws to make you better!”

But he does not wish you good criticizing you, he often enjoys his impact on you and feeding off your energy.

  • A pessimist

He always made sure that the glass is half empty and manages in a tiny issue to see the epic failure. He does not waste his precious time to think about how to change things for the better, it seems that he gets pleasure from the fact that “all bad.” A pessimist sooner or later infect you with their negative Outlook on life, and you will begin to notice flaws even in the most favorable situations.

Yes, sometimes we dumped the problems, sometimes life can be a black stripe. If you don’t see any positivity around and in himself, to communicate with him is bad.

  • Too vulnerable

This type of in any, even the most harmless word or act of the interviewee sees a threat to their well-being. You just said Hello and it seemed to him that you are making fun of him. You just helped him open the door, and he decided that you consider him a wimp. You asked about his health, and he regarded these words as an allusion to the fact that it looks bad.

Conversations with these types of turn into a real torture: you have to carefully choose words and be constantly on the alert. We all sometimes become too vulnerable, but this subject is always in a state of heightened emotional vulnerability. Communication with him is devastating and makes you tired.