“Northern” diet: a unique menu to permanently reduce weight

Often the “Northern” diet called the diet “the Vikings”, because this power comes from the North of Denmark. It was created in contrast to all known Mediterranean diet. Moreover, the nutritionists eventually came to the conclusion that the Vikings ate correctly and were therefore owners of good health, according to med2.ru.

Especially the “North” of the diet:

The essence of the Scandinavian diet is that a large part of the diet are protein foods of animal origin. This fish and meat, that is what was available to the ancient Vikings during the long sea voyages on the seas and oceans.

Also permitted in the North the diet to eat vegetables, but only those that grow in the same region where a person lives. In this case, they considered most useful and appropriate for losing weight.


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On a diet “Vikings” can you eat porridge of barley, oats and rye, which have a positive effect on digestion. From drinks of the Scandinavian diet calls for the consumption of red wine and even beer, but in limited quantities. Allowed to eat meat and poultry, especially geese and ducks, and chicken. Nutritionists even suggest to consume eggs, preferably in the morning.

Accordingly, from the products of wheat and bread it is necessary to refuse, as from carbonated drinks and sweets. But the fish meat can be consumed in any form – fried, smoked, dried, boiled, baked and so on.

A unique property of diet “Vikings”

Swedish researchers once conducted a global study that asked the participants to stick to the Nordic and Mediterranean diets. More than two thousand people were divided into two groups, where for a long time was nourished by a diet of “Vikings” and the Mediterranean diet. Scientists found out that those people who adhered to the Nordic diet, their involvement in the 100% reduced likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Nutritionists say that people who chose to weight loss diet Vikings win anyway, because they not only will begin to rapidly drop those extra pounds, but also protect yourself from the most common disease of the elderly. Plus, statistics show that weight on the Scandinavian diet is very difficult to retype.