The first series of master-classes and workshops in the framework of the “Days of creativity” will be held on September 15

This fall in the “days of creativity in Ukraine” in September and October in Kiev will host a series of creative workshops and master classes on topics: “Business and innovation”, “Marketing and communication”, “start-UPS and technology.”

The first meeting will be held on September 15 in Kiev in a innovative space Creative Quarter in BC “Gulliver” with Natalia Babayeva, former marketing Director of a publishing house the MYTH and Serge Zanoaga, filmmaker and Director of the largest Moldovan Studio Umbrella.

The format of the event was not chosen by chance: inspirational business reports are good at motivating, but when you need something to do, lack of skills leads us into a stupor. Work on solving a specific problem under the guidance of a mentor provides significant benefits: acquired knowledge and skills, and not just the emotion “I can!”.

2-hour master-class “How to bring creative projects in the company until the end”

At the master class Natalia will tell you how to “bring to mind” the creative tasks and projects in the business.

About the speaker

Natalia Babayeva is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley (program Marketing IDP), self-employed marketing specialist, former marketing Director for the development of the publishing house “Mann, Ivanov and Ferber”.

The author of one of the most popular blogs of the Russian-language Medium devoted to marketing project management. Favorite topic — Change and Run the business. The most popular blog post – “How to explain grandpa’s agile and scrum” (54 thousand views in a week):

In the Myth led the development Department, launched e-commerce, was a product of the website The author of the Book values of the Myth and of the project “Castigatory”.

To Myth worked when selecting “Igranic”, and the editor of Yandex.

Business hack: “the Top video on the knee”

The era of expensive movies have sunk into Oblivion. You have to do everything, but inadequate budgets for the rollers force the owners to abandon this effective content.

At the workshop we will make a short video using a shareware program for creating animated presentations.

The workshop participants should prepare a short text to develop a video (30 sec).

About the speaker

Serge Zanoaga graduated in 2004, the Academy of Arts in the class “directing movies”. He worked for several radio and TV stations a leading, creative Director, production Executive and head of promo production. At the same time worked as a Director in one of the biggest film companies in Bucharest, Libra Fim. Filmed documentaries, music videos and commercials. In January 2015 he founded Umbrela Studio, the leader Motion Design production in Moldova.

Some video of Serge:


Moldova, discover the roots of life

Concert Intro #Antiexemplu by Carla’s Dreams


2D Animation VR

Tickets for the event today can be purchased at at this link.

“The days of creativity in Ukraine” is a series of events that will take place in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine from September 15 to 19 November. It is a platform for finding answers to the challenges that face us. That’s why “Days of creativity” is this year held under the slogan “Change Culture Culture for change the Culture change”.

This is the most daring event for the real intellectuals. Cinema, show business, politics, civil society, technology, startups, business, public figures and celebrities – there will be addressed all topics where innovation and originality is the key to survival.

The purpose of the events that will take place this year in the framework of the “Days of Creativity” in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities to combine technology and creativity to demonstrate the endless possibilities of the creative industries, to inspire professionals, to motivate the young generation the desire to create and build, and most importantly – to accelerate positive change in our society.

The event was organized by the official representative of the international festival of creativity Cannes Lions and With the support of the industry forum KYЇV MEDIA WEEK network of MULTIPLEX cinemas. General media-partner of 1+1 Media.