Why in Kyiv kindergartens constant queues and how to solve the problem of shortage of places

Turn in kindergartens – a critical issue faced by many parents. To ensure your child a place in the garden, have to put it in the queue almost since birth. Recently at a press conference in the river the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman promised that by 2020, such a queue will be reduced to zero. The website “Today” to understand why children are not enough places in kindergartens and how to solve this problem.

Statistics: shortage of kindergartens and crowded group

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the number of kindergartens in Ukraine began to decline rapidly. If in 1990, there were about 24.5 thousand, in 2000, there are only 16, 3 thousand After the closure of the premises, which were of preschool education became the property of the city authorities or were sold to private owners.

For example, today in Kiev there are 87 pre-schools that operate as intended. Mariana Tomin, an expert on maternal and child health Advisor of the “samopomich” faction in the Kyiv city Council, reports that there is now mostly located of the Department of health and social protection services for children’s rights, regional pension funds, etc.

According to the state statistics service, last year in Ukraine there were about 15 thousand kindergartens, which was designed for 1 million 125 thousand children, but it was not enough. Then in Kiev preschool institutions were overcrowded by almost half. And with each passing year the situation only escalates.

As I tried to solve this problem

In order to provide equal access to preschool education was created the electronic part, which should facilitate the tedious procedure of enrolling children in kindergartens. But it still doesn’t solve the problem with shortage of places.

Mariana Tomin believes that the electronic part not only simplified the problem, but aggravated it. Because there is not account for all preferential categories who enroll, regardless of the overall contest. For example, as 05.01.2017 in the system in Kiev was registered on 25 148 children, including 10 958 needed priority enrollment.

In addition, the website on which you want to register, periodically “falls” for a long time. Parents complain that the official website is down since last year, although instead and created a temporary, but it functions properly.

Despite the fact that public gardens continue to be closed, the number of private institutions is growing. There is no queue and the hope is that if you pay money, the quality of education for children will be much better. But the average price of a month’s stay in these programmes is about 5 thousand UAH, that not all families can afford.

That will help to get rid of lines

In 2015-2016 the capital put into operation 10 new kindergartens, communal and private forms of ownership, calculated on 1630 places, but it does not solve the problem comprehensively, he said.

“The new facilities provided, but it is 5, maximum of 10 institutions that can be built in Kiev. And this does not solve the problem systematically. For example, the average staffing of kindergartens in Kiev is 123%. On 100 places to 123 children. That is, the kindergartens are filled to one-third above the norm,” says Mariana Tomin.

According to experts, to solve the current problem, you need to develop a comprehensive approach to tighten the rules of mass building, take care of proper infrastructure and think about the return of all kindergartens, whose premises were once loaned to

“In General, it is not only the problem of education. It is the crossroads of several areas of responsibility. In the case of Kiev, the education building that do not meet the standards of illegal buildings. The houses are built, and relevant infrastructure,” – says the problem Mariana Tomin.