Five things that spoil your sleep

Healthy sleep – a pledge of good health, good mood and productive work. However, not every day we manage to sleep well. Therefore, it is important to sleep very well. Here are the factors that need to be addressed to ensure a good night’s sleep, writes

The stuffiness. In a stuffy room to get some sleep is very difficult. It is believed that should sleep in a cool room with a temperature of 15-19 degrees Celsius.

A bad pillow. Do not skimp on the pillow. Otherwise in the morning you will find a pain in the neck and back. Experts say that those who like to sleep on their side need a hard pillow, and for those who prefer to sleep on my stomach or back, should choose a thin and soft pillow.

Gadgets. Most people before going to sleep is not averse to look through the tape in social networks. However, experts insist that it’s a bad habit. The fact that the blue light emitted from tablets and phones affect the ability of the body to release melatonin (sleep hormone).

Alcohol before bedtime. Although after a glass of wine to fall asleep easier, alcohol affects the quality of sleep. Alcoholic drinks disturb the impulses of the brain and lead to irregular sleep.

Caffeine. Few people will drink coffee before going to sleep. However, nutritionists say that even coffee is drunk after lunch, a negative effect on sleep. Drinking coffee should be not less than 6 hours before you go to sleep.