How to equip a dressing room in his apartment

The reality of Ukrainians is such that food supplies are reduced and stocks of clothing are increased. Out of fashion bulky wardrobes: many have got built-in wardrobes. But they are replaced with dressing rooms that allow you to use the entire corner and not just one wall.

To build the dressing room, even in the Khrushchev, and if the bigger apartment to make room for her in the no-go niche. Interior designers recommend all to find a place to store things in closets or utility rooms. Especially now that such room for things in the trend due to appearing on the market of mobile storage systems, and many refuse closets in favor of the closets.

We turned for advice to the Kiev interior designers Igor Musienko Oksana and Turchin.


Inside the closet things you can have along one wall (the closet, but with an entrance). In this case, you need to think carefully about the location of the drawers and shelves they need to be mobile. Minimum size walk-in closet — 1×1,2 m. For such rooms in the narrow pantry (Khrushchev) optimal G-shaped arrangement of shelves: two perpendicular walls (minimum size — 1×1,5 m). Luxury U-shaped layout on three walls (min — 1,5×2 m).

The location depends on the furniture in the dressing room, namely, shelves or storage system. It can be Cabinet shelves and drawers, which are equipped on the principle of the Cabinet — the shelves are particle Board, drawers etc. This solution is more reliable but also more cumbersome — it requires more space, but this is the stationary design for the ages. The second option — arm system: it is assembled from rods, lightweight mobile shelves on the supports, rails and metal pull-out baskets. This option requires less space, it is lighter and mobile weights can be interchanged or removed if necessary. But in this dressing it’s hard to keep the heavy massive and bulky items, and it looks not as solid as the stationary version. To plan and install rod system independently, and the installation of case is better left to a professional (price of his work — 50% of the cost of materials).

To think of all. Detailed drawing of the schema is necessary


Having defined the layout and system, whether rod or Cabinet, you need to consider the ergonomics of the zoning. Divide the closet into three zones: lower, middle and upper. The first area is used for storage of umbrellas, shoes and pants, it should be from the floor to the height to 80 see the Home — middle area, for everyday things, dresses, shirts, underwear, etc. It should be located at the height up to 170 cm, and be equipped with drawers, shelves, mobile rods, pantographs, etc. Boxes must not be very deep, and for underwear equip their separation sections.

The upper zone (mezzanine) — storage of Luggage, handbags, hats, bedding and blankets with pillows. Here provide spacious shelf 25-30 cm deep and 20 cm tall to the ceiling. L-shaped dressing room allows you to store your Ironing Board in the unused wall. It is possible to lean a small ladder to the upper shelves had free access.


The main difference from a dressing room cabinets — maximum use of the entire space. As a rule, in the dressing room involved two or even three walls from floor to ceiling, while the large wardrobe is one wall. The second difference — in the closet can come in, and visually it doesn’t occupy a place in the room. The most convenient location for this mini-room — pantry or no-go nook. Minimal need for space — 1×1,5m, in this case it is possible to place shelves on both sides.

Finding such a place, take from it all: the mezzanine, shelves and door frame with a door: the storage room must be cleaned as possible. Since all the walls will be shelves, materials to finish choose the most inexpensive. Inside the wall, pre-aligned plaster, paste over with a paper Wallpaper with bright colors without a pattern: bright colors visually increase the den. Ceiling paint with white paint and the floor can be covered with linoleum or laminate. Consider a small hole for ventilation, the air in the dressing room was not musty. There should be a light three or four simple point mounted lamp is perfect for you. The door install is better not hinged, and sliding — it will save place. For convenience, it is possible to make a mirror: visually increase the space of the corridor and will allow you to try things stored in the closet.

Dressing room. Repair — business


Dressing room can be enjoyed at the specialists of furniture. This service will cost UAH 4500-7000 for the area up to 4 sq. m. Call the master when the place under the dressing will be ready: this will allow you to save money. Every artist is interested in the manufacture of a dressing room on the stage of the project. Spices better to invite, if you decided to make Cabinet, secure dressing room. Material for shelves choose particle Board: it is cheaper than MDF, and for the dressing rooms. Sucker rod system can be assembled independently, by drawing it first on paper and then buying parts separately. Managers in the salon will help to select the necessary. This option will cost UAH 2500-4500, depending on the set of components. Do not skimp on mobile elements such as pantographs (lifting rod), hinges, sliding mechanisms Chinese fast break. But stationary basket, rod and shelves can be rented cheaply.