Horoscope for 3-9 September: the Twins it’s time to legalize the relationship and office romance Scorpions will help your career

ARIES. You are playful, sexy, ready to embark on a romantic hunt, however, beyond light flirting, it should not apply. Store fidelity to the permanent partner, he does intimate “weather” in the Soviet Union, his desire is the Holy of holies, and you change yourself.

The week’s events motivated karma, the emotional atmosphere will play a leading role. Go with the flow and they are in perfect balance to please everyone, to satisfy their own interests and not to harm health. Because it is accumulated over years of stress wastes now provoke disease.

TAURUS. Life at this stage — it’s a game, it’s time to experiment in the art of hypocrisy, however, no you will not be accused of false imitations. We all like the actors and often resort to humor, artistic game where you need to bypass acute angles, to do something nice for people, to inspire those who are discouraged.

It’s time to throw in the marital sensitive fuel the flames. Love one another, happiness in family life depends on shared Hobbies, interests, and ability to compromise, let the partners rule!

GEMINI. You even fuck, home and work requires effort. Carefully focus on domestic issues, but the office don’t ignore it. In the professional sphere are progressive changes where you want to use creative intuition to use the Arsenal of psychological influence on the chief and colleagues, in parallel with practical skills, responsibility and self-organization.

The relationship of “fathers and children”, “superior-subordinate” require urgent rehabilitation. Love couples time to legalize the marriage bond.

CANCERS. Your motto: “long live diversity!” In one place nothing to sit, move, change, communicate with interesting people, fill the spiritual temple fresh impressions. Should be less focus on the boring everyday life, to escape the drudgery of the labor downloads.

Now the world is woven from subtle harmonious vibration can dissolve in the bliss of love with a heart companion, catch a creative buzz from work or favorite activities, getting the maximum pleasure from life.

In family pray here fate teaches you the features of the exemplary family man, a loving partner, a caring owner.


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LIONS. You — the very charm, the admiring glances of the audience focused on you everywhere. But first and foremost should focus on the sexual aspect in the partnership, where to maintain the fire of passion in the Union and progressive spiritual dynamics need to improve their ingenuity. You should be around interesting! Curb selfishness and work everywhere in the dedication, will give more resources (feelings, worries, money), the more you get.

Not curates casual Dating, any contacts bring grace. But keep in mind: the desire to take in the love captured an impregnable fortress is a temptation from the evil one. Store loyalty constant companion and do not twist left-wing affair. Because the object of the Hobbies might be not the one you want.

VIRGO. Life Sunny sky, more than enough energy. Dibutyrate, time to “reload” and to present themselves at a new level with interesting plans, progressive creative projects.

Want idyll in marriage and Affairs — not preity like a tank, and diplomatically unite the efforts to help moral companion (business team) successfully implemented. Become his friend and lover in one role, you will samantaray common passion. The source of the feelings is still wet, draw from him, and sincerely love one another. Even going to the victim. Secret passion is a great impetus to life.

In material terms, everything is fine, I can show off at its discretion, the satisfaction of secret desires — the key to happiness and grace.

LIBRA. The theme of work and health the a burning. Listen to the physiological rhythms, try not to overdo it, solving problems as they update. If he found himself in the grip of circumstances, so need not rebellion, humbly take this test.

The service will have to expand the circle of obligations to shoulder the new labour authority. Language keep shut, so as not to rashly blurt out secrets.

And often try to be alone, in seclusion will be able to reach the highest spiritual vibration, to obtain valuable information on the next steps. Fate tells him to learn to develop their own political strategy is to wisely use the resources of the team, friends. And his own charisma while it is still shines (until November).

SCORPIONS. You noble knights, masters of intimate fantasies, which feel like your favorite is not indifferent, and intend to make hearts beat in unison! For mutual happiness by fate. Enjoy, take care of each other, through words and deeds, practical tokens playing first violin in life together.

In the professional field, develop innovative technologies, Karaite chef and love the profession they have chosen. If it’s not your calling, with a clear conscience change specialization. Office romance will accelerate career advancement.

You should regularly do charity work, take left and the right serve the needy.

ARCHERS. Family and work — two hot the epicentre, between which have to maneuver to anywhere in time. At home be merciful and affectionate, let the family view of you rope — the better! The service must complete the reincarnation of the hardworking ox. To keep a career afloat, protect status, you must be an excellent professional fit harmoniously into the official hierarchy, where analytical thinking plus practical skills will become a trump card.

Avoid temptations, idolize friends without you is like a lonely tree by the road, open to all winds. To strengthen friendly platform show by example how to be a true friend.

CAPRICORNS. You are at the peak of creative take-off, if you want to advertise yourself to reach a goal, thanks to the ability to plan, responsibility, practicality, it is also advisable to adopt a the gift of a psychologist. You need to feel what people are breathing, able to find hidden weaknesses, then you will be able to click on the appropriate emotional strings of people and to achieve the desired. In an intimate atmosphere, where peace is unity, will be able to establish warm friendships, or to spin a love affair that can develop into a serious relationship.

The boss can count, he is your patron Saint.

AQUARIANS. If you are overwhelmed with violent impulses and desires, the soul yearns from the insatiable “want” and hard pragmatic reality will not let me into Paradise of bliss, look for a middle ground. Unfortunately, the dependence on the rational environment (the generosity of the pious) cannot be eliminated, to deal with proprietary instincts also makes no sense. It remains to lower the bar of appetites, to objectively assess the situation to make concessions for the sake of friendship and business prosperity, sexual harmony. The faithful now commanded the parade, and don’t try to oppress — will make it worse.

FISH. If you necessary people is great, rejoice! The relations “I—you” come to the fore, where to stand firmly on the ground will help the marriage partners. Listen to the wishes of business partners, colleagues. Personal initiative, creative originality plus the pragmatism of a business environment — an excellent alloy for building bridges of cooperation for the next year.

If your work meets vocation heart, then disclosure of the potential opportunities, natural talents will go brilliantly. And if not, but need the money anyway — work. Then catching up when it comes to a successful runway career.