Why should we resist the Kremlin-connected charges.

Surging from all sides of the political spectrum tsunami of unsubstantiated allegations that President trump has been shamefully compromised by the Kremlin, tsunami, which meets practically no resistance from influential politicians and representatives of the media, inspires deep anxiety. This practice, first developed in the framework of election campaign of Clinton in mid-2016 and is tirelessly used by the columnists of the New York Times (which wrote about the mode of trump-Putin in Washington), the critical leading channel, MSNBC and CNN commentators unbalanced, is gradually becoming a modern version of McCarthy hysteria. Such a politically destructive practices must be condemned regardless of who uses them — conservatives, liberals or progressivity.

These allegations are promoted by political forces with different programs. These include wing supporters of Hillary Clinton in the Democratic party, which wants to preserve its influence within the party, insisting that she did not lose the election and that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin stole her victory, so she went to the Trump; the trump of the proposed enemies of détente in relations with Russia, which seek to discredit and trump and Putin; Republicans and Democrats, stunned by the fact that trump took part in the elections and won, in fact, without any serious support from both parties — that is, challenged the traditional two-party system. Whatever the motivation, streams of insults and criticism of trump, and already sounded the calls for impeachment are a serious threat to the United States, the international security system and democracy in General.

So far, no indisputable evidence of the veracity of these allegations was not presented. (Without facts we are all doomed to serious error.) It is necessary to conduct an independent investigation designed to uncover facts supporting these claims — if any exist — which then must be subjected to objective analysis. But this is not possible in the current political atmosphere, which, in essence, is a witch hunt.

At the moment the evidence that trump has been compromised by the Kremlin, considered six statements below.

1. The President “showered with praise” Putin. However, all that trump ever said about Putin, is that Putin is a “strong leader”, “very smart” people and that it would be very good “to cooperate with Russia.” From an empirical point of view is well-founded statements. In addition, they all pale in comparison with the warm and sincere statements by former presidents of the U.S. against Russian leaders, including a statement of the Franklin Roosevelt Joseph Stalin, Richard Nixon about Leonid Brezhnev and bill Clinton, Boris Yeltsin, whom Clinton compared to George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt. Only against the background of never-ending attempts of the political establishment and media to demonize Putin, such “praise” trump Putin could be called generous. Meanwhile, unlike almost all other representatives of the American political mainstream and leading media outlets, trump just refuses to slander Putin, is refusing to call it a “killer” of his personal enemies — which, incidentally, also has not been proven.

2. It is believed that trump and his associates had business relations with Russia and the Russian “oligarchs”. Perhaps, it was. However, the same can be said of many other large American corporations such as Boeing, Pfizer, Ford, General Electric, Morgan Stanley, McDonald’s and Starbucks. Their partners in Russia are often competing “oligarchs”. Moreover, unlike many international hotel corporations, trump was not able to build your brand hotel in Russia. “Russian assets”, which said his son, apparently, was the result of the sale of houses and apartments in USA wealthy Russians seeking to join the luxury. This is hardly anything wrong with that. They say that the tax Declaration of the trump, if it is published, will prove the nefarious influence of Russia. Perhaps, but, given the financial documents that he presented, this is unlikely. Anyway, this is all just allegations, not fact.

3. The assistant and the former head of the electoral headquarters of the trump by Paul Manafort (Manafort Paul) allegedly occupied the Pro-Russian position when he was an adviser to Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, who was later overthrown in the revolution of Euromaidan in February 2014. But this is absurd. Manafort, being a professional political analyst, received a good reward for their work, like many other American experts working abroad. Apparently, he tried to convince Yanukovych of the need to make a choice in favor of a partnership agreement with the European Union and not in favor of Russia, which Yanukovych and chose ultimately to win the votes of Ukrainians outside the South-Eastern part of Ukraine. (Yanukovych, whom Putin is not loved for this and some other reasons, fell out of favor with the Kremlin in the end of 2013.)

4. “Dossier”, which was supposed to show how the Kremlin can blackmail trump, fell into the hands of CNN and was published by BuzzFeed. This is a 30-page dossier, compiled by former British intelligence agent, is a collection of harmless, unproven, and simply stupid statements, designed to draw the attention of Moscow and others. Recently, the Agency CNN stated that their sources “confirmed” some of the information from this dossier, but confirmed data is unlikely somehow to discredit trump.

5. The main point of the accusations against trump is that Putin has ordered hacking campaign against the Democratic party and spread the stolen emails via WikiLeaks in order to undermine Hillary Clinton and help Trump to get into the White house. An overview of these “facts” were presented in a declassified report, which was prepared by the “intelligence community” and were widely discussed in January. Although the report was quickly turned into irrefutable evidence of political and media enemies of trump, in this report there is almost no convincing evidence. Half of that report is “evaluation” based on conjecture and not on actual data about the specific actions of the Kremlin in the interests of the trump. The other half is moaning about the standard of the Kremlin-funded TV channel RT, which at best is a average “propaganda” channel. Moreover, the number of American experts in the field of cybersecurity insist that Russian hackers have left no trace, which officials say American intelligence. Representatives of the group “veteran intelligence professionals for sanity” (Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity) believe that the documents of the national Committee of the Democratic party was not stolen and that they were attached to a kind of insider. In this case, it has nothing to do with Russia. (The CIA and the FBI was “highly” confident in the conclusions of his report, however, the national security Agency, which does have potential for tracking emails, expressed “moderate confidence”.) However, at its final press conference, Barack Obama called the scandal around nkdp a result of the leak, adding that he did not know what was the role of WikiLeaks in this scandal, despite claims by his own intelligence agencies. In addition, it is unclear, however, whether Putin is so sympathetic to unpredictable Trump to go on such risk. Judging by the debate in the Russian Newspapers associated with the Kremlin, it is still unclear which candidate was the preferred option for Russia.

6. It should also be said about the retired General Michael Flynn (as Michael Flynn), who served as adviser to trump issues of national security, in connection with his contacts with the Russian Ambassador, during which he allegedly discussed the subject of sanctions imposed by the Obama administration until his departure from the White house and the inauguration of the trump. As far as is now known, Flynn did not do anything criminal or unprecedented. Communication, including meetings, between representatives of the elected presidents of the U.S. and foreign countries, especially Moscow, was “common practice” for many years, says Jack Matlock (Jack Matlock), who served as Ambassador to Russia under presidents Reagan and Bush. Matlock first organized meeting in Moscow for representatives of the transition team of the elected President Carter. Moreover, Obama’s adviser on Russia Michael McFaul (Michael McFaul) in his recent interview with The Washington Post said that he went to Moscow in 2008 — before the election, which took place in that year — for talks with Russian officials. The publication stressed that the visit was “reasonable contact”. The same, apparently, was a phone conversation Flynn. Indeed, if Flynn’s goal was to convince Moscow not to overreact at the last minute the sanctions Obama, who was accompanied by extremely provocative threat to start a cyber attack on Moscow, his call was very reasonable and consistent with the national interests of the United States. In fact, it is not Putin threatens American democracy, and associated with the Kremlin unfounded allegations against trump and his team. Not Putin threatens the US and its system of national security and senior opponents of the policy of detente of the political community and the intelligence community. Not Putin leads to the decline of the American media “fake news.” And Putin is undermining the American political process, and those whistleblowers from us intelligence agencies, which went to war with their own President.

President Eisenhower eventually stopped Joseph McCarthy (Joseph McCarthy). What’s to stop a new wave of McCarthyism, before she was overwhelmed by the “soul of democracy”, which is so revered by the liberals and progressivity? Facts can do that. However, instead of facts today, preference is given to professional ethics, decency and patriotism.