Ukrainians who do not pay property tax, you risk to remain without shelter

In Ukraine, for apartments with an area of more than 60 squares and houses of 120 square metres need to pay the estate tax. Receipts Fiscal service sent out until the first of July to first of September all over “extra” area must pay tax. According to the law on property of the debtor can seize, and then implement it in debt. As explained by the lawyer Oleg Boriychuk, for deliberate non-payment of large sums are threatened by criminal liability.

If you pay bills in September, will have to pay a penalty of 10% of tax if, in October – the amount of the penalty reaches 20%. In addition, the tax inspector may impose a debt on the part of the property tax lien, said the website “Today” on the hotline Fiscal service.

The arrest of the apartment or house because of unpaid tax can, says lawyer Oleg Boriychuk, while the debt doesn’t matter.

“The foreclosure on the real property of the debtor is carried out in case of lack of sufficient funds or movable property. In the first place foreclosed on a separate house on the land or other premises of the debtor, and the latter on a house or apartment where the debtor actually resides,” says the lawyer.

“The foreclosure on the real property of the debtor is carried out in case of lack of sufficient funds or movable property,” – says the lawyer.

In addition, as noted by Oleg, Boriychuk, for willful tax evasion on a significant scale (about 800 thousand hryvnias) provides for criminal liability according to article 212 of the criminal code of Ukraine.

Note, at the end of 2015, the MPs have introduced changes to the Tax code (law No. 909), according to which the tax is levied not only residential apartments and houses, but sheds, garages, cellars, summer kitchen, etc. However, most city councils have established a zero tax rate on farm buildings.

City councils decide what a dwelling is considered “excess” and what tax to charge. This law establishes that the estate tax is not necessary to pay for apartments with an area of less than 60 squares and in houses of less than 120 squares. If the family has a house and an apartment, for them is considered “normal” 180 squares. The tax rate can range from 0 to 1.5% of the minimum wage per square ment. In this case minimal take into account at the beginning of last year. For example, in Kiev set the tax rate equal to 1% of the minimum wage. The tax charge for the apartment area of 60 squares. Resident of Kiev, who owns an apartment of 100 square meters will have to pay tax 551,2 hryvnia (hryvnia of 13.78 for each “extra” square).