TOP 10 best selling car models of all time

Successful models of car “, make” sales manufacturers and long in demand on the market. Best selling cars of all time made Hyser.

1.Toyota Corolla

41 million cars

The first Toyota Corolla was introduced in Japan in October 1966 — it was small, with a total length of 3.85 m, a two-door rear-wheel drive sedan:

The four-cylinder engine capacity of 1.1 liters was developed 60 HP gearbox was four-speed, the rear suspension — dependent spring, and front — independent with single transverse leaf spring (late spring).

Toyota Corolla have 11 generations and is the best selling car in the world. The latest version of Toyota Corolla Е160 appeared in Japan in 2012.

2. Ford F-Series

35 million vehicles

In the United States, the market for trucks is 2.5 million units per year. With his F-150, Ford took a third of the market share for nearly 70 years.

January 16, 1948, Ford introduced the first post-war line of light, medium and heavy trucks, which went down in history as the series F. the Proposal included a wide range from F-1 with the capacity of half a ton to three-ton F-8. These are the machines, which line-up today starts with the F-150.

Thanks to the modern design of the cabin that looked “a million dollars” and a ten-year warranty, the F-series quickly became a bestseller. And holds first place in sales in America so far.

3. Volkswagen Golf

28 million cars

In 1974, rolled off the first Volkswagen Golf. Its design was developed by the Italian Giorgetto Giugiaro, but the car got the name from the Gulf stream. The first Golf was produced in two versions (basic and Deluxe), had a great set of options: rear window washer, screen wiper, sliding sunroof, Luggage storage, tube of gas tank and wheels with alloy wheels.

For forty-three years of undisputed success: seven generations, almost 30 million cars sold, the popularity of the entire series, whether three – or five-door hatchback, currentversi sedan, wagon or convertible.

4. Volkswagen Beetle

24 million vehicles

Only three generations over 80 years! The first model of this car served as the basis for the Porsche 911. Known for their durability, this is the only car that became the hero of the movie with the same title “the VW beetle”.

Interesting detail: the original German name for the VW Beetle (it. The Volkswagen beetle) in different countries through the commercialization received a different version. Thus, in France, is VW ladybug, Turkey — Volkswagen Turtle, Poland — Volkswagen Humpback, and in Sweden – Volkswagen Bubble.

5. Honda Civic

22 million vehicles

In the history of the Japanese company Honda model Civic has a special place. A small nimble hatchback appeared in 1972 and since then with each generation received additional inches and a new version of the body. With the years the Civic has become more comfortable and more powerful.

In the nature of Civic are almost always present sled, “pepper”, for what the car liked throughout the world. He is considered to be the most reliable car in the world.

6. Ford Escort

20 million cars

EO is perhaps the most famous model of the American company. The car became one of the most popular and sold models of the company. The popularity of this machine owes much to the multiple participation in different racing competitions.

The first generation Ford Escort is rear-wheel drive two – or four-door sedans. They were equipped with petrol engines of series Kent in 1.1 and 1.3 liter with a power of 39-45 52-72 HP and HP respectively. For quite a long time of existence, the model has been repeatedly modernized, improved. In total there are seven generations of the Ford Escort.

7. VAZ-2101 (Lada)

19 million cars

“Lada”, “Lada” or simply the first “unity”, and later “penny” is a Soviet rear-drive car of a small class with a body type sedan. This car is the most famous Soviet cars.

For the release of this model in may 1972, the manufacturer was awarded with the international prize “Golden mercury”. Although, in fact, it is the Fiat 124 that has collected under the license at the Volga automobile plant since the 1970s.

8. Honda Accord

18 million cars

For 41 years, during which is produced the Accord is one of the key for Honda models – had already had 9 generations of this car.

The first Accord, appeared in may 1976 and was initially only available in a hatchback — it was a front wheel drive car with a transversely located 1.6-liter engine. В1982 year family sedan Accord 4.5 meters became the first Japanese car produced in the United States. Since then he has successfully sold in the New world, but the European market he left in 2015.

9. Ford T

16.5 million cars

Ford T, also known as the “tin Lizzie” is the first production car which was produced between 1908 and 1927. Its starting price was 850$, which is now equivalent to 15 000 euros.

He is considered the first affordable car, and has the glory of him who “put America on wheels”.

10. Ford Fiesta

16 million vehicles

Ford Fiesta — car of the supermini class, was developed by the European branch of Ford Motor Company. After the energy crisis of 1973 in the Old world, the demand for small cars was high. Ford Motor Company needed its car of the class “supermini” in order to compete with the Fiat 127 and Renault 5. So, after a lot of research and development, was a prototype that served as the prototype of the first Fiesta. The first Ford Fiesta was released in late 1975.

In addition to most of Europe, the car is also produced in Brazil, Mexico, China, India and South Africa. Sold worldwide, including Japan and Australia.