Ukraine has intensified “rental” scammers: how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud

With the beginning of the velvet and the business season in the South of Ukraine and throughout the country intensified the “rent” Scam. As told “Today” in the national police, for three summer months only in the southern areas documented hundreds of cases of fraud looking for an apartment. Also from scams suffer vacationers in the resorts of the Western regions.

The police pay attention to the fact that the principle of the Scam is simple and is designed for abdimelech vacationers. Scammers are placing online ads on the delivery of housing and require advance payment. After receiving an advance on a Bank card swindlers disappear, cutting off telephone communication with the tenant.

“In the Odessa region, as in other southern regions, during the summer it was a lot of such cases. Many among the injured citizens of Belarus and Moldova”, — said in comments the “Today” head of the Odessa regional police Dmitry Golovin.

The Department of postal and telecommunications told us that was recently arrested 37-year-old resident of Chernivtsi, which account for 30 defrauded of tenants. “The scheme was this: a man posted online ads for the surrender of cottages on the new year’s eve. For reservation citizens had to transfer to a Bank card 2500 UAH. When the tenants came to the specified address to the crook, it turned out that there is nothing in the lease is not rent. Thus, the attacker lured the citizens of nearly 200 thousand UAH”, — said Chernivtsi ciberpolitica.

Investigators have opened criminal proceedings under article “Fraud”, to the suspect threatens from three till eight years of prison. The head of the Department of cyber police of Ukraine Sergey Demediuk told “Today” that the investigation into the Scam took more than six months. According to him, the crook took conspiracy measures: credit cards that have money for “rent,” have been registered on figureheads. usually scammers register these cards for the homeless who have bought the passport data. To calculate the location of the intruder managed by geolocation.

Police encourage tenants to be vigilant and to double-check the honesty of the landlord. As told to us tourists with experience, this year the trend has been advertising a non-existent housing in an original way.

“For example, some ads about rental housing in Western Ukraine have pictures of… foreign hotel rooms. The author of the ad primitive steals pictures from foreign sites. When I searched the Internet for the supply of housing in the Carpathians, I almost became a victim of the swindler who took a Deposit for non-existent housing, and advertised it with photos of rooms, the Belarusian health resort” — told us from Kiev Karina.