Fat in the abdomen increases the risk of developing tumors

The increase in waist reduces a person’s mood and increases the risk of developing cancer, the study showed, according to sobesednik.ru.

Scientists from the University of Michigan have discovered a protein, which is secreted by the fat in the body and fuels the growth of malignant cells. Science it is well known that obesity is a risk factor for cancer, but how excess weight causes the appearance of tumors, is still a question the answer to which has not been received. And now American scientists have thoroughly proven that a certain protein secreted by the fat in the body, turning benign cells into malignant. They found that the bottom layer of abdominal fat in comparison to fat, which is located immediately under the skin, produces and releases greater amount of the protein and stimulates the growth of tumors.


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According to scientists, victims of obesity is one third of the entire population of our planet. Obesity is associated with several types of cancer, including tumors of the breast, colon, prostate, uterus and kidneys. But the extra weight is not necessarily an indicator of cancer risk. The study showed that the body mass index is not the best indicator of future tumors. But the so-called abdominal obesity or accumulation of excess weight around the waist, as well as an indicator of the level of a protein called “fibroblast growth factor-2” are the best indicators of risk of transformation of cells into malignant.