The tax announced stance on the cryptocurrency Bitcoin

The state fiscal service (GFS) to the question of the status of the so-called Bitcoin starts from the clarification of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), dated 2014. This was stated by the press service of the SFS.

According to the statement, Bitcoin cannot be used by individuals and legal entities on the territory of Ukraine as means of payment.

“Clarification on the legality of use in Ukraine “virtual currency/cryptocurrency” provided by the National Bank of Ukraine November 10, 2014, on the basis of which the national Bank considers “virtual currency/cryptocurrency” Bitcoin “as a substitute for money without providing real value, cannot be used by individuals and legal entities in Ukraine as a method of payment, because it contradicts the Ukrainian legislation,” – said in the GFS.


  • The NBU Council called the risks of buying Bitcoin

The Department also reminded that the NBU recommends to use the services of only those payment systems and settlement systems, which are entered in the relevant register and participants of these systems, and operators of payment infrastructure services.

At the same time taxation is one of the most popular alternatives to traditional currencies, Bitcoin in particular, declared the people’s deputies, the SFS did not answer.

We will remind, the national Bank of Ukraine States the absence of the so-called “Bitcoin” a specific legal status in Ukraine.