How your morning coffee can help reduce sugar consumption

In the new study, Richie Lenne and Tracy Mann from the University of Minnesota (University of Minnesota) tested how coffee affects the sugar consumption in General, and got pretty interesting results. To do this, they randomly assigned 127 volunteers one of the three systems of the consumption of drink, which they had to adhere to two weeks, according to

The first group gradually reduced the amount of sugar, adding a spoonful (or less) of sugar in your morning coffee every day. The second group was to “drink coffee wisely,” that is, to focus on its taste and aroma, to learn how to identify acidity, sweetness, mouthfeel at first SIP and the finish (helped special workshops). The third group simply gave up added sugars and sweeteners in your coffee without any strategy.

I must say that the researchers expected that the approach with a gradual decrease of sweets – that is, the first – will be the most effective, but they were wrong. “Participants in all groups had reduced the amount of sugar in the diet, compared to the original indicators, but it is the awareness of consumption gave the best result,” said the authors of the study.

In fact, a month after the experiment, the group consciousness drinking coffee without sugar more often than those who simply tried to stop. As for the least effective approach, and that it was a scheme with a gradual decrease in sugar consumption.


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“To initiate the changes easily, but keep them in the diet on a regular basis is practically impossible, the authors write. – We were prepared for the fact that most participants of our experiment will return to coffee-rich sugar, but the “group consciousness” continued to drink coffee without sugar, and it surprised us”.

You really should try to eat less sugar, because as studies have shown, can cause dependency, akin to a craving for carbohydrates or fats which over time will cause you to consume more and more sugary foods.

Plus, if you plan to reduce the amount of sugar in the diet, but do not know where to start, start small. Try to stop adding sugar to your morning coffee, and the transition was not so critical in the early stages add to drink a little skim milk.