How to pay for the electricity twice less

Ukrainians can spend the light in half, experts say. It is best to start with a very simple – to replace light bulbs in the apartment. The first is to buy energy efficient indoor lamp where the most light – the kitchen, the room where a TV, etc. But to buy expensive energy-efficient light bulb in the toilet was not worth it. Given that light there’s not often such purchase may be recouped for many years.

Standard LED lamp with a power of 10 watts gives as much light as a conventional bulb is 85 watts. It can cost about 70 USD. To replace 7 light bulbs in a Studio apartment, you will need to 500 UAH (for one lamp in the kitchen, in the bathroom, hallway and bathroom, and three on the chandelier in the room).

If the lamp power of 75 W in the hallway for two hours a day, in the toilet – an hour in the bathroom 3 hours in the kitchen – 5 hours in the room – 6 hours per month only for “light” typed 65 kWh or 793 kWh per year. At the same time, LED lamps will spend in the same conditions is 8.7 kWh per month and 104 kWh per year. If consumption more than 100 kWh “light” with the old bulbs will cost in 1315 hryvnia per year, and with energy-saving lamps 104 of the hryvnia for the year. All the lamps under such circumstances will pay off in six months. Monthly savings due to simple replacement of lamps will amount to UAH 95 and UAH 1140 per annum.

How to save:

  • to turn the lights off
  • not to leave on the night included appliances
  • to tie the night the boiler
  • replace incandescent bulbs in those places where often the light is
  • to buy new equipment with high energy efficiency class

Families who use electric boiler, the experts advise to install-zone counter. Such a metering device from 23 PM to 7 am believes electricity at the rate of two times lower. This meter installation will cost around 1400 USD. For example, a family that consumes 200 kWh per month of electricity and 25% of the world uses, from 23 p.m. to 7 a.m., every month can save the 42nd hryvnia. Consequently, dual-zone meter will pay for itself in about three years. If you consume 50% of electricity at night by the more powerful electrical appliances, the payback period will be reduced twice.