In the field of labor productivity Russia irrevocably loses

Another bubble burst. Russia lags behind both labour productivity and wages. Russians earn seven times less than the Americans, and besides, still and unproductive. They are inefficient and worse than anywhere else.

This news was published by the website, citing data published by the OECD. The numbers are inexorable. Per hour the contribution of the Russian GDP is only 25.1 per dollar, while in Luxembourg the figure is 95.1 per dollar in the US — of 68.3, and in Germany — 66.6 dollar. Worse only in Mexico ($20). In the year 1978 the Russians working hours, much more than the Germans (1371) and the French (1482).

From 1991 to 2012, labor productivity in Russia has increased by a third, and in China during the same time — seven times. The situation in the Kremlin Empire is not improving even with the infamous Communist era. Even then productivity of labor in the United States was four times higher.

Causes of Russian problems is clear: outdated technology, equipment and poor work organization. Russia now boasts of his success in agriculture, however, we must note one fact. In this country the average yield of wheat amounts to some 2.7 tons per hectare, while in the Czech Republic — about six tonnes per hectare, that is higher by almost two times.

Times and factory equipment in Russia, as a rule, older than 20 years, and the results, of course, be disastrous. A huge problem in this country is also incredible busy.

The Russians reported only about 6% of the unemployed, while in the Russian Department of social security claim that they were not informed about the occupation of 30% of the population. But many work in unnecessary positions. So, in Moscow at the metro station I noticed a call center near the escalators. A woman sitting down and watching people move up and down. In the case of danger, it should stop the escalator. I should add that in Prague, in Paris and other cities is nothing like that. Why? If something happens, you can press the red button, the escalator can stop anyone. And it does not require an employee with a salary. Equipment maintenance departments of the Moscow metro in comparison with the developed world is also archaic.

Or, for example, I dined in the restaurant on the Solovetsky Islands, where it was extremely a lot of waitresses. Most of them just sat there because there was no work. So that extra jobs — one of the reasons for low productivity in Russia.

The truth is that Russia in the era of President Vladimir Putin achieved some successes, but they were primarily the result of growing oil prices and not the country’s modernization and an efficient economy.