She stated this today will be the weather

Today in Ukraine is expected Sunny weather with variable cloud and also predicted a warm day, reports Reuters.

So, on the whole territory of Ukraine rain is not expected today, but the nights will be cool.

The West country is from 24 to 27 degrees Celsius during the night – only 10-12. The same weather awaits residents of the East, with the exception of the Luhansk region, where at night the temperature drops to 9 degrees.


  • In Ukraine again warmer: it is expected to +32

In the Center and North of Ukraine forecasters predict up to a maximum of 27 heat of the night, as in other regions, will be cool 10-12 degrees.

Highest temperatures today will be traditionally in the South. The daytime temperature will reach 28 degrees at night is also a bit warmer – up to 15 heat.