Manicure technician has determined the client has a cancer nails

In England, the manicurist Jean Skinner, seeing the client’s nail dark stripe, suspected cancer, reports the Independent.

“The woman came into my office and immediately asked me to paint her nails a very dark varnish to hide on the nail a vertical strip of gray. I immediately realized what it was, but didn’t want to frighten the client. Just was advised to go to the doctor. After some time a woman called me and said that she was diagnosed with melanoma. And aggressive with metastases in the lymph nodes,” says Skinner.


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According to her, she did not suspect cancer, and blamed “the devil” for lack of calcium in the body. To the doctors about the unsightly marks, the woman is not addressed.

According to authoritative medical portal in the UK NHS, the dark bands on the nails are often common in dark-skinned people are not a sign of a disease.


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However, there are exceptions, when a dark stripe may indicate the development of cancer. Over time, pigmentation can grow and completely cover the nail plate, “capturing” the bend of the nail.