The polls predicted the victory of Emmanuel Macron in the presidential election

According to published Wednesday, February 8, three polls, the presidential candidate from the Republican party, Francois Fillon (François Fillon) is second place in the first round of elections independent candidate to Emmanuel Macron (Emmanuel Macron). In the second round the leader of movement “Forward!” Makron wins marine Le Pen (Marine Le Pen) with a crushing score.

Monday, February 6, françois Fillon, being in the center of the political-financial scandal due to the recruitment of his wife and children, publicly apologized to the French and admitted his mistake. Apologies françois Fillon did not affect the choice of the French — this is evidenced by the results of three public opinion polls. So, according to the Opinionway Institute, the candidate from “National front” marine Le Pen remains the leader in the first round, steadily gaining 25% of the vote. Followed by the independent candidate and the leader of movement “Forward!” Emmanuel macron, who in the first round are ready to vote 22% of the French. The candidate of the Republican party, Francois Fillon took the third position with 20% of the votes.

On the political left wing candidate from the ruling socialist party, Benoit Hamon can score in the first round, 15%, and the leader of the extreme-left movement “Rebellious France,” Jean-Luc Melenchon (Jean-Luc Mélenchon)- 12% of the vote.

At the same time, who would not have advanced to the second round Francois Fillon or Emmanuel macron, both have more chance of becoming President than marine Le Pen. In the case of a political “duel” Le Pen — the Makron, the latter wins, gaining 66% of votes. In the case that the leader of the “NetFront” will face Fillon, he will also win the election, having collected 62%.

Another public opinion poll shows that last week the rating of the candidate from “National front” marine Le Pen increased by 1%, and were at the centre of a political scandal Fillon lost 3%. Thus, as shown by the survey Institute Ifop, a Republican willing to vote only 18% of the French. The third Institute of public opinion Elabe gives Francois Fillon even less — only 17% of the vote.