A list of foods that help to gain weight

Nutritionists from the USA told about the single list of products, which all lose weight. They contribute to active burning fatty tissue and to overcome the appetite, according cosmo.com.ua.


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So, what kind of products:

  • In the first place is lean beef

In the process of digestion the muscles of the body work more efficiently and recover quickly, and the level of bad cholesterol decreases, making the figure slimmer.

  • Grapefruit and nuts

This combination eliminates bad cholesterol, reduces the intensity of feelings of hunger and reduce cravings for sweets.

  • Cheese

It contains linoleic acid, which improves the processing of sugars by the body.

  • Avocado

Ideally lowers cholesterol, its flesh can be used as a substitute for butter.

  • Beans

It contains so much fiber that it will digest away the additional calories.