A military expert told Putin quietly occupied Belarus

The occupation policy of the Kremlin suddenly turned against Belarus, which Putin quickly for everyone occupied this summer under the guise of military exercises. This opinion was expressed in Facebook military expert Alexey arestovich.

He noted that Russia will go along the already trodden path, as with the exercise “Caucasus 2008”, which she covered for the invasion of Georgia. Was later “Caucasus-2012”, which was the starting point for the occupation of the Crimea. Now, according to experts, large-scale military exercises “West-2017” in Belarus can contribute to the occupation of that country.

“While everyone was waiting for podlyanki from the Kremlin, somewhere in the Baltics or Odessa, Putin has found a simple and elegant way to occupy Belarus. Russian troops, who will visit the country this summer, under the auspices of large-scale doctrines “the West-2017″, most likely, there will remain (at least partially),” wrote arestovich.

The expert believes that this step by Russia will allow the Kremlin to open another potential front against Ukraine, the most practical taking her favorite occupation “boiler”.

However, except for Ukraine under the threat of attack will be other countries – Baltic States, Poland.

“So, this summer will radically change the whole political and military situation in the East (and then all) of Europe. Soft to protest the occupation of Belarus, the West has no formal reason: Belarus and the Russian Federation – in the Union state”, – says the expert.

We will remind, even in the summer, the former Putin’s adviser Andrei Illarionov predicted that the next blow Russia could inflict on Belarus. He noted that Russia placed an army tank in Smolensk, which borders Belarus and is this is clearly not for Ukraine.

In turn, the lava of the Committee on foreign Affairs of European Parliament Elmar Brok said that if the Russian Federation will continue to encroach on the territorial integrity of Belarus, NATO and the EU can consider possible response to the Kremlin’s actions.