Ukrainians EN masse to shop in the network: what and where ordering

Ukrainian shopping increasingly moves to the network. According to the portal online trading for the first half of 2017, the Ukrainians have spent on online shopping 6 billion, having bought there 44% more goods than last year.

TRENDS. The most active were Internet entrepreneurs from Kharkov — they sent 239 million parcels across the country. In second place — Kiev (238 thousand), the third — Odesa (149 thousand). Lvov, although small amounts of online trading (only 37 thousand), intense master the market: for the year entrepreneurs there was 11% more (in other cities the growth of 7-8%).

As for trade flows, most of the goods are from Kharkov to Kiev (126 thousand), from Kiev to Odessa (83 thousand) and from Odessa to Kiev (80 thousand). “Key trade flows in addition to the capital generated in those cities where there are the largest wholesale and retail markets — “Barabashovo” (Kharkov) and “Seventh kilometer” (Odessa)”, — analysts explain.

In this case, the e-Commerce market in 2017, noting new trends of products. “Clothes, electronics and home goods were the main engines of growth in online Commerce in the last few years. Now they are replaced by new promising areas — manufacturing products, tools, books, hobby supplies, and also beauty and health — said the expert Ivan Tailor. Sellers need time to understand changes in customer needs, establish relationships with vendors and promptly provide the right product when the demand will increase dramatically”.

THAN PROVIDE. Kiev often order medical instruments, gloves, vitamins, dental materials, needles, syringes and plasters. On average, one company, for example, gloves earns 13 thousand UAH per year. Odessans supply other regions dresses, sneakers, shirts, handbags and underwear. The turnover of the companies that sell only women’s dresses that may be of 60.5 thousand UAH per year. Kharkiv sell pastry tools, Laundry products, bed linen and seedlings. Alone pastry tools, the company can expect to make about 17 thousand UAH. And in the Dnieper river to order parts, lights, trimmers, grinders, drills and screwdrivers. During the year the firm can earn on spare parts 21 thousand UAH. Lions specializiruetsya in the supply of coffee, chocolate and ingredients for baking (flour, yeast, leaven). Coffee here it is possible to raise in the year to 64.5 thousand. Sellers say that on demand is often influenced by seasonal factors.

“In the summer, the demand for spices, especially in the seasonings for meat and kebabs, as well as conservation. Customers make large orders in the beginning of June, before heading to the country. Winter is a very popular natural teas, ginger, and spices for mulled wine” — says the owner of an online store Fedor Sharapov.

THAN STORED. Kiev actively buying dresses, lingerie, tunics, blouses, sneakers. Average bill for one dress — 528 UAH, and for a pair of shoes — 1000 UAH. Odessa basically order a coffee, spending per order on average UAH 876. Kharkiv buy metavari (gloves spend an average of 345 UAH, and vitamins — 527 UAH). The top popular purchases of Lviv includes wheels, tyres, parts, oils (average check for autothermal and components — 430 UAH, and on tires and wheels — 3107 UAH). Not falling demand for construction materials.

“They are the seasonality is not so much affected, unlike the appreciation. Tools always buy in the winter more for the interior, and in summer for outside. But this year because of the cold summer demand has decreased,” — says the owner of an online store, Valentin Goncharov. The inhabitants of the Dnieper are actively buying smartphones and covers them (average check per cover — 106 UAH, a mobile — 2845 UAH).

The yarn is from Odessa and from Lviv toys

Another trend in online trading today — sale of Handicrafts. As explained to us, the specialists, one of the handmade sites, the most popular destination — the creation of jewelry.

“These products account for 22% of the market handmade. But among buyers of the most in demand accessories and handbags — 27% of orders, and already in second place — jewelry and household goods — 16% of orders for the year,” the company says.

Most of author’s articles on the site (40% of the total) were made by Kiev. And equally popular jewellery, accessories & bags, household products: “Traditionally, the demand for such products in the capital is 80% higher than in other cities. The second activity — Kharkov. Often they have bought decorations. In Odessa, a quarter of all orders are the art materials (yarn, paper, blank). In Lviv, the local master spetsializiruyutsya on postcards, statues and artistic toys. But their products account for only 5%. Products of masters from the Dnieper little more than 7.5 per cent”.