How to choose the perfect school uniform

The first of September is fast approaching, and families of students mentally prepared to not only change lifestyle, but also to open the wallets to buy everything you need, including the form. Fortunately, in most schools, the requirements are Advisory in nature, although it is assumed that for boys it will be suits and for girls — dresses, skirts and blouses. That made the Ukrainian trading network and how to choose school clothes, we were told designer garment factory “Yunost” Svetlana Luzan and the seller of a flea market in Kiev Natalia Rudenko.


As school uniform will be basic clothing for most of the year, ensure that it is not only the quality of making, but also are made from natural fabrics. Fortunately, gone are the cheap “glass” costumes, which was not wear, but which she could not hold her form, stood up and did not allow the body to breathe. However, now the “chemical textile” industry has stepped so far that to understand what materials made the fabric very difficult, as synthetics can simulate everything. Depending on the types of interlacing of fibers and thickness of the strands to obtain different textures of material that will remind linen, wool and silk. The easiest test wad the matter: the simpler and easier it takes its original shape, the more it synthetics.

But I must say that all-natural suit you unlikely to find. But, in principle, is not particularly necessary: it is more practical to wear clothes made of mixed fabrics, where the percentage of wool or cotton, not less than 50%.
Good material for school uniforms — polyviscose (a mixture of polyester and viscose), it can mix more wool or lycra. It holds its shape and very durable. Quality like cotton, but flexible, will not deform over time and does not stretch. Important lining which come into contact with the skin of the child. Choose from viscose. While polyester is the cheapest and worst option: electrified and not breathable.

Lady. Form copies adult business models


In a school uniform is important: the design and material. And there are details that you should pay attention to buy high-quality form that will last the entire year and may even pass by inheritance. To do this, pay attention to the following features:

  • the quality of tailoring: smooth lines, good cut, the edges and quality hardware. For example, a braid reinforced pockets prevent deformation of the jacket and the tab sewn directly into the seam, means that it is a factory and not handicraft product;
  • check fused lapels and shoulder pads which the jacket more “gentle” dublerin and less “pads” on the shoulders, the more comfortable thing;
  • when buying pants for an elementary school student pay attention to a model with wide soft elastic and regulatory drawstring in. First, they are much more comfortable sitting, and secondly, the first days in school — a lot of stress, and do not aggravate it by the fact that the toilet will have to fight with the zipper and buttons on his trousers;
  • kids grow up fast. To save, pay attention to models in which cared about “safety” — conscientious manufacturer can leave the sleeves up to 4 cm, and in skirts, dresses and pants even 6-8 cm, which can be extended several times. Thank you fashion — you can just buy pants “rolled up”. When the child grows up enough to deploy them, and the trousers will again.
  • an important and convenient nuance — already stitched arrows on the pants. So the child not only looks neat all day, but mom has diminished the hassle — you don’t have to my old;
  • looking at the abundance of sundresses, many people forget that there is a school dress — sufficient and very beautiful thing that many girls and comfortable to wear. Pay attention to the skirt: the younger your child, the freer and more comfortable it should be. For example, now in Vogue, strict skirts-pencils, which are very beautiful and stylish, but uncomfortable for active first-graders;
  • when buying make sure the shape can be erased, and not only to take to the dry cleaners.

Dandy. Suit structuralization and teaches us to be serious


Vendors say that this year’s form has risen in price by 10-20% in comparison with the past. But opportunities for savings are: last year’s collection sold at a discount. For example, if you “get” in size, which remained not so much (at the store maybe 3-4 models), the jacket a high schooler can be bought for UAH 99-199. Same but from the new collection will cost from 400 UAH. Three-piece suit for the first-graders will cost UAH 900-1600. Tunics — from 350 UAH, blouses and shirts — from 250 skirts — 200, pants — from 300 UAH, jackets — from 400 UAH. But the costume for high school students starts from 1200 UAH.

SUGGESTIONS DESIGNERS. This year designers see modest students, like the students of last century or, on the contrary, businessmen. For example, almost every baby store there are costumes for younger students, who copy the style of millionaires on vacation — double-breasted, with silk collar and bright buttons. The rest of the boys offers simple classics. From decorative patches on the elbows, lining or bright shiny buttons.

Uniform for girls is more varied. In one store, you can find both narrow tunics, peplum at waist and a simple dress with a white collar, similar to a school uniform of the Soviet students. Popular are skirts pleated. Although the popularity of the shirts, the embroidery is on the decline, but the embroidery has become an urgent independent decor.

“We — for convenience and practicality, because the school is not the place to show off trendy outfits, — says Svetlana Luzan. — Externally, our form this year really has not changed — we remain committed to the classics. However, you can add edging to the pockets, to make a brighter lining, to add a little decor for girls (this year — metal butterfly)”.