How the life of Ukrainians will change in September: the formation of a new fee on gas and the new dollar exchange rate

In Ukraine in the next month is expected to steady rise of the dollar. Summer is traditionally favourable for the hryvnia season, but in September the situation is changing. In addition, at the beginning of September the expected increase in property prices, the Parliament voted for pension reform and the start of a new school year. The website “Today” figured out how it can change the life of Ukrainians in the next month.

The start of the school year new

With the beginning of the new year will be to teach students in new ways. The Ministry of education published guidelines. First, teachers have the freedom to training. The first graders ask homework will not. The first “homework” will appear only in the second class and should take no more than 45 minutes. In the third class time on homework increased to 70 minutes, and the fourth to 90 minutes.

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Traditional physical education officials propose to replace other outdoor pursuits. For example, choreography or swimming. To overwork of first-graders – is prohibited. Do not give assignments for extra textbooks or work books. Moreover, there will be no “domashek” on weekends and holidays.

“It is unacceptable to overload the students with extra tasks from the textbooks, exercise books printed through: painting, drawings, drawing up schemes, tables, performing additional tasks and exercises, writing home works and the like”, – stated in the letter Department.

“It is unacceptable to overload the students with extra tasks from the textbooks, exercise books printed through: painting, drawings, drawing up schemes, tables, performing additional tasks and exercises, writing home works and the like”, – stated in the letter Department.

Teachers also have to do without ratings in the first grade. Scores from second to fourth grade may only be placed on natural history, reading, Ukrainian language and mathematics.

Needs to introduce a monthly fee for gas

In the Memorandum with the IMF, which was signed by the President, Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and the head of the NBU, Ukraine has committed itself in September, before the heating season, to divide the gas rate into two components: the price of natural gas as a commodity and the cost of distribution. In fact, it means the introduction of fees for natural gas. The national Commission planned to pay a subscription fee until the end of may this year. The corresponding decision was already made, but after criticism from the Prime Minister the decision was delayed.

The introduction of a payment for capacity (the”monthly fee”) – the issue has been resolved by law. Now officials are discussing how to consider it. If under the existing methodology, which had planned to introduce in April of this year and which still remains the only approved, it all depends on the maximum power of the meter, in the new regulation offer more favorable consumer conditions.

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About 70% of Ukrainian families use gas only for cooking. Gas stove consumes 1,2 cubic meters per hour. A bandwidth meter G1,6 – 2.5 cubic meters. Counter with a capacity of less does not happen. That is, the Ukrainian old-school approach can use the capacity of 1.2 cubic meter, and to pay for capacity in a 2.5 cube.

The new method offered for anyone from gas appliances is only a plate, take it to power 2.5 cubic meters, and 1.2 cube. For example, under the old methodology with the meter G1,6 and a gas stove would have the capital to pay a “subscription fee” at 29.3 hryvnia, according to a new yet unapproved methodology – 11.48 USD. So, a family that spends five cubic meters of gas per month, now pays 34,3 hryvnia, and the new method will pay – 41,48 hryvnia (UAH 30 for gas and 11.48 USD “license fee”).

In September the dollar will go up

To reach the forecast level predicted by Ministry of Finance – UAH 29.3 average for the year – the national currency should be in the second half of the year to depreciate at least up to 32 hryvnia per dollar, says analyst Natalia Milchakova. However, this prediction can be called pessimistic. For example, the Razumkov Centre forecast course in district 27 hryvnia in the second half, and Concorde Capital assume that at the end of this year the dollar will cost 28,5 hryvnia. Itself Natalia Milchakova suggests that even the fall of the dollar will fluctuate in the range 26 to 28 UAH.

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“The risk may be, for example, the refusal of the International monetary Fund or other international financial institutions to provide loans to Ukraine. Another risk could be the fall in world prices for grain, metals and other export goods of Ukraine, as well as the fall in global oil prices that could adversely affect the market for foreign importers of the Ukrainian goods. However, what will be the course in the fall – really can know only the national Bank of Ukraine as hryvnia more expensive and cheaper mainly due to the policy which the national Bank conducts the foreign exchange market”, – says Natalia Milchakova.

In comparison with the currencies of many other developing countries, the expert said that the hryvnia illiquid and of little interest to currency speculators.

More expensive rental housing

Over the past year, rental prices of apartments in the capital rose by about 20%. “If you take the year 2016, there was an increase of approximately 20%. But no accurate statistics. It is not the stock market, not all contribute data to the registries. You need to understand that the market is influenced by many factors. For example, active became the economy. Will have very different demand, or Vice versa,” – says the representative of the Association of realtors of Ukraine Arthur Pilipchuk. As predicted, realtor Maxim Baborak, in late August-early September possible rise another 20-30%. If anything, once the demand goes down, prices will not decrease.

“Now the apartment is rented, for example, for 5000 hryvnia. This is likely to be on a budget with not very fresh and far from the center. The apartment to watch a few weeks until you find a tenant. At the end of August, if the same apartment will have to pass for 6000 hryvnia, it will take a day or two,” says the realtor.

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At the same time, the expert in real estate Edward brazas predicts that at the end of August prices could rise by 10%. “By September the prices can grow on 10%, I don’t think it will significantly. And so now more expensive utilities, and landlords the payments for the tenants. If the person is not very professional, and made some absolutely fantastic “wishlist” to take the apartment it will be difficult. If the apartment a few months idle, even for the most greedy the landlord is a signal that you need to reduce the price,” says Edward brazas.

Real estate prices depend on two factors – supply and demand. Offer the last time the market consistently. Many people of Kiev, which remained vacant apartment, handed her even after the first wave of price increase communal. The number of vacant apartments increased in early summer, when some students exempt rental housing. As they say, realtors, the best time to rent property – “quiet” season (June to mid-August). If you rent an apartment later, you can get a seasonal rise in prices.

Will vote for pension reform

In September the Parliament will be the second reading to consider the government pension reform. If the document support, innovations are waiting for the Ukrainians, as stated in the Ministry, immediately after the adoption of the reform.

In October of this year to 5.6 million Ukrainians will recalculate pensions. More than 1,000 hryvnia, rich 1.1 million pensioners. Increase from 900 to 1000 hryvnia unable to 487 thousand pensioners, from 700 to 800 UAH 460 thousand. The rest (and more than 3.5 million Ukrainians) the pension will rise from 50 to 700 hryvnia.

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The formula for calculating pensions will change, and the necessary experience to be promoted. At the moment each year when calculating the pension multiplied by a factor of 1.35. The government plans reform to reduce this ratio to 1. Experts in the field of pension provision explain: as a result, the size of pensions for those who have not yet retired, reduced by at least 25%. In addition, changes and requirements for obtaining a minimum pension. In the following year to receive the minimum pension you need to have at least 25 years of service. Each year of the required experience will increase by 12 months.

A tax for working pensioners to 15% will cancel. Now about 500 thousand working pensioners receive only 85% of the pension. The government plans to abolish the tax and to pay working Ukrainians “retirement” with full pension. If the “tax” really going to cancel, half a million Ukrainians receive a pension in October about 17% higher. For example, if at the moment working Ukrainian receives a pension of 2000 hryvnias, from the first of October it will increase to 2352 UAH. The fact that under article 47 of the law “On state pension insurance”, working Ukrainians are only entitled to 85% of the earned pension. The rest is state. If after charging 15% of the working Ukrainian remains the pension less than UAH 1870 (150% of the subsistence minimum for the disabled), will be paid a full pension.