How do you know that loved one you are looking

If you are unsure as to whether he is your man, check out my impressions on the questionnaire. If more than half the statements match, then that’s your man don’t let him leave, says “Home”.

So, try for yourself to answer here on these points – “Yes” or “no”. If most of your answers are positive, then you have found your soul mate.

  • 1. To be near him always a pleasure

Even if the situation is not so. For example, you stand in a long queue in the Bank and start playing in search of people who could be thieves, or come up with another distraction.

  • 2. He knows all your secrets

And does not condemn you. So if you once a month reviewing Pretty woman in a Bathrobe and with a bag of chips, he thinks it’s funny.

  • 3. It pleases you

Arranges a romantic dinner, a pleasant surprise, it gives exactly what you need.

  • 4. You like his friends

You communicate with each other, and even if you even with someone not familiar to you, you know a lot about him funny stories.

  • 5. He is proud of you

Even if you had a bad day, he knows how to improve the situation.

  • 6. He always shares

Takes his coffee asks you. Rings don’t need anything at the store. And even at the pet store.

  • 7. He sends your mother a video of kittens, which she adores

Not because he wants to be better in your eyes, and to lighten the mood her. This gesture is much nicer than any video with kittens in itself!

  • 8. He remembers details from the lives of your friends

And sees them and asks how they’re doing.

  • 9. It gives you time for yourself

You need to work at home, to be alone or to meet friends? No problem. It is time you own, then meet and talk.

  • 10. He supports your dreams and goals

Sometimes stronger than you, because he knows that you are able to achieve what you want. No matter to write a novel for the winter or to run a half marathon – he will support and even sandwiches will bring.

  • 11. He’s always happy to see you

And Vice versa. Even if you saw each other yesterday. And this is the most pleasant.